How to make people WANT what you've got to offer

How to make people WANT what you’ve got to offer

A lot of you emailed me after I shared some recent speaking tips and how much speaking I actually do. Some of you were shocked and thought I must work all the time LOL… nope. Speaking is just my “preferred” way to support entrepreneurs and #1 way people learn about me or “experience me” is all so I focus on doing it a lot. Oh and it’s FUN for me too, I’m super passionate about giving people useful advice to grow their businesses whether it’s speaking live to a group, doing a live video on social, or hosting a free masterclass like the one I’m doing tomorrow morning (scroll down for that), it’s all speaking and I love it.

Today I wanted to share some tips I gave on a podcast recently on “How to make people WANT what you’ve got to offer”!

This applies to your speaking opportunities but also when you’re just an attendee or networking too.

1. First, it’s important to ENGAGE with your audience. Especially now with virtual events, you have to grab and hold people’s attention. Sometimes I often even advise my clients to ditch their script or presentation and just BE with their audience, ask questions and give advice. I’m very well received when I make that my plan, especially for a short speaking time slot.

2. Secondly, you want to have a compelling OFFER. That doesn’t mean you have to sell anything though. An offer can be a free download, copy of your book, free call or paid offering. Know your audience though and don’t push to sell if most don’t know you yet, build relationships.

3. Third, you want to be more ASSERTIVE with your entire presentation and presence. That doesn’t mean you’re salesy though, just confident in what you’re teaching or what you do and passionate about others learning what you teach OR discovering something. If you say things like “if you’re interested, reach out to me” instead of “I highly recommend you schedule a call”, it makes a big difference whether or not attendees will take that next step.

4. Finally, there’s your ENERGY. Energy is everything! If you’re shy and hesitant, your audience might start to take control. They certainly might multi-task or stop paying attention. If you don’t fill the room with your energy, then you will also lose people. Introverts, it’s time to bring out your hidden extrovert, even if just for a short time – go relax afterwards. Bring it! I say.

Now, if you’re still saying “heck no” then listen to this free audio about what speaking more can do for you and/or really try to attend some of the upcoming calls that I run for the Int’l Speaker Network (see below).

I also know how important it is to have your “Zoom Chat Blurbs” ready to copy and paste into the chat on a virtual call but it still amazes me how many are NOT prepared! Here’s a link to grab my Zoom Blurb Templates – please go get them and streamline your online networking! (Free)

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Let’s make this YOUR BEST YEAR ever!

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Here’s to creating and enjoying a life full of lots of Love & Money!

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Kay Smith

Energy Dressing Coach

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Dr. Heather Tucker

Founder & Ceo,

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