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Want to Attract More Clients, Make More Money with the Confidence that comes with Getting Clarity Around What You’re Selling, How You’re Marketing and More?

Reserve Your Seat Today for this IN-PERSON Love & Money LIVE! Event in Sacramento, CA March 30, 31, & April 1, 2022!

This event is for you if you want more exposure, clients, higher-end programs, more structure, systems, and freedom in your business so that you can also enjoy more love in your life in the process! We can’t just focus on our businesses and getting clients these days to see massive monetary results. We need balance, self-care, love and support from those in our life, otherwise we don’t end up doing all the things necessary to make the money! I call this “The Love Factor” and I wrote a book about it in case you weren’t aware… If you want: Less drama and toxic people, less settling for not enough or lack of abundance mindset and start knowing you deserve it and trusting in yourself more, plus learning EXACTLY WHAT WORKS these days to grow and scale your business then definitely go reserve your seat now!

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Call for Speakers for the Love Yourself Successful Online Summit February 15-16, 2022

Do you have an awesome talk that serves entrepreneurs or individuals? Something around the topic of:
Love – Money – Lifestyle ?? I am looking for speakers who have a full time business, and are serious about growing their business. 

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Free Masterclass - 8 Secrets to a Consistent Moneymaking Business

Go listen to the replay of this FREE call and learn how to jumpstart your life, business, marketing, relationships, health and more. This masterclass was designed to show you how to create a smooth-running, consistent moneymaking business doing what you love using the essential 8 strategies that I’ve used to be more successful year after year. 

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FREE Masterclass How to Become a Confident, Successful Speaker

This 60-min deep dive class is going to be off the hook powerful for you to raise your level of awareness, and profitability in your business. You don’t want to miss it especially since it’s live and interactive and absolutely free to you. Learn from two industry experts on how to elevate yourself to become a more confident, authentic and profitable speaker. Combining expertise in business and speaking into a LIVE experience where you can learn how to become the confident, successful speaker you know you can be!

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Free Masterclass - Intuition in Business

Go listen to the replay of this deep dive class with me and my friend, Abby Gooch.

This class will help you raise your level of awareness, and profitability in your business. If you’re not letting your intuition drive your business you’re missing out on thousands of dollars of sales. You need to tap into and listen to your intuition on a regular basis because your gut is always right. However, sometimes your monkey brain gets in the way and tries to convince you that it’s wrong or convince you that it’s not really the truth and we invite you to stop feeling that way and really learn how to tap into your intuition on a deeper level on a regular basis.
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Free Masterclass - 3 Secrets to Grow & Scale with Ease (for Coaches!)

Go listen to the replay of this deep dive class with me and my friend, Deb King.

This class will help you you get CLEAR & FOCUSED about HOW to start, grow and scale your coaching business easily and quickly. On this training we shared 3 Secrets that we BOTH use to grow and scale our own coaching businesses and have now for a decade or two. What’s interesting is that we just met and we’re totally in alignment on this!
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Zoom Webinars / Networking Calls Monthly with the International Speaker Network – JOIN NOW, IT’S FREE!

Get laser coaching and mastermind with other entrepreneurs and speakers from around the world on everything from A-Z to start, grow, market, develop systems for and make money with your business, learn the business of speaking, how to get started speaking, get booked and so much more! This is the perfect community for business owners who want to learn how speaking can take you to the next level in your business OR for those who want to get paid speaking as your main business model. This is a very supportive, resourceful, smart community where you’ll get resources, opportunities and more. Find out more & join now!

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“Katrina’s events drive you to action! Attendees learn tons of strategies that are instantly implementable. Kat truly cares about the success and growth of those in her community. You MUST ATTEND one of her Live Big Events!” – Alicia White, CEO Back of the Room Productions

About Katrina

The JumpStart Your Biz Coach, Katrina Sawa helps entrepreneurs make more money doing what they love. She is the creator of the JumpStart Your Marketing® System, a tell-it-like-it-is speaker and International Best-Selling author of: Jumpstart Your New Business Now, Jumpstart Your _____, Love Yourself Successful and many other books.  She has been featured on the Oprah and Friends XMRadioNetwork, ABC, TheCW, and the Los Angeles Tribune and she was awarded the National Collaborator of the Year Award by the Public Speakers Association and a 2-time Nominee for the Wise Woman Award by the National Association of Women Business Owners. She speaks to groups of all sizes, holds live training events annually and she’s the founder of the International Speaker Network.

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