About Katrina Sawa

Hello & Thanks for Checking Me Out!

If you’re looking for a business coach who will work WITH you to grow and scale your business as fast and affordably as humanly possible without a bunch of BS, then you’re in the right place! 

There is a lot to read below if you’re interested in really knowing who I am, where I come from, and how I can help you.

Why Listen to Me?

Well, the first reason you might want to listen to me is that I truly CARE. You speak to ANY of my previous clients, event attendees, joint venture partners and peers… I have no doubt they will all say that I care more than many business coaches out there today. I am passionate about getting you results. I am emphatic that you build the business around the kind of life you want to live rather than fitting your life in around your business. 

The second reason is that I help you build your business the MOST AFFORDABLE way possible. I’ve invested over $250,000 in my own business and self development since 2001 and now you don’t have to do this! Most entrepreneurs I speak with, wish they found me earlier or wish they listened to their gut earlier to talk with me or work with me because working with me by your side SPEEDS UP YOUR LEARNING CURVE & RESULTS.

The third reason is that everything I tell clients to do is CUSTOM advice, just for you, your business and goals. Now, many entrepreneurs do have to do similar activities to grow and sell but I customize it all for you, the WORDS you’ll use, the TECH you’ll use, the SYSTEMS you’ll use, all of it. WHY? Because a cookie cutter solution doesn’t fit everyone. Believe me, I’ve tried many of them! I will steer you in the RIGHT direction.

“I believe you need to build your business the right way from the start if you’re really SERIOUS and want to make a LOT more MONEY doing what you LOVE!”

– Katrina Sawa

How I Got Started

Taking Action in Complete Faith

When I decided to start my own business, I was an advertising rep for a local newspaper here in Northern California (yes, I know, that was a LONG time ago LOL). I fell in love with the small business owners because they were super passionate about what they were doing. Unfortunately, they didn’t know or attempt to learn everything they needed to know to run a consistently profitable business and that broke my heart. 

I left my last job and started my business after networking in the community for many years. I was trading hour for dollar with clients in a typical marketing consulting business. I had some clients on retainer and some just paid me when they needed me. All of my income however depended on how many hours I worked. Can you relate?

Obviously with that type of business model it was hard to get ahead (or take a vacation!), even with raising my rates every so often.

Plus, in addition to that, I was living in an unhappy marriage with a husband who wasn’t very supportive of me being an entrepreneur. He was always worried about the roller coaster of income and he would worry when I wanted to invest money back into my business which I knew I needed to do to learn and grow.

Not too supportive huh? That’s where the concepts for my book, Love Yourself Successful, came from. I learned soon after that so many of my clients were going through the same lack of support in their lives as well.

My hope is that this DOESN’T sound familiar to you but I do unfortunately see this all the time with my coaching clients and it literally breaks my heart. I stopped settling and broke free of that marriage in 2005 and have increased my business every year since.

My Entrepreneurial Journey Was a Very Bumpy Ride

The Roadblocks Were Real!

It took me 6 years to hit the 6-figure revenue mark in my business and boy was that a long, frustrating journey!

Having been in sales and marketing positions all my life, I was good at those skills… it was the business-building and operations skills that I lacked and had to learn. Some lessons I had to learn by trial and error, and some I learned thankfully by hiring mentors when I was smart enough to hire others to teach me and support me.  

My EGO got in the way for many years. I thought I was smart enough, I could figure it out. But taking the SLOW ROAD to success is what that got me. 

I’ve made and heard ALL the EXCUSES! No time, no money, not good enough, etc. But finally, things started to click and I was hiring the right people to support me and I’ve seen more success and revenues every single hear since I DID hit that 6-figure mark in 2008!

I’ve Helped a Lot of Very Smart Entrepreneurs of All Kinds

Get a Jumpstart in One Area or Another

Now I live the life of my dreams!

I have a business that I’m passionate about, helping other entrepreneurs make money doing what they’re passionate about. I am married to a man who adores me and who is the perfect fit for me. He and his beautiful daughter light up my life and are now my “big why”.

But it wasn’t such an easy road for the three of us, 6 months after we started dating I discovered that I had to have two total hip replacements done – big surgeries that I did both in 2013. After I got up and running after that second one, he was diagnosed with throat cancer that he beat thankfully but it was not an easy 2014 either!

In those two years it really solidified in my mind the crucial aspect of having systems in your business! If I hadn’t had a small team of people plus massive systems for lead generation, marketing, follow up and sales I would have lost about half my income for about an 18 month period.

This is important for you to read (and most importantly to ‘hear’) because if you’re still trading hours for dollars, or still working in a job that you hate or feel like there’s more to life than what you’re living now even if you’re already in your own business….then YOU’RE RIGHT! You could be SETTLING!

Let me help you and show you how to transform your life, your new business or even your existing business into a smooth-running, PROFITABLE and SUSTAINABLE business doing what you ABSOLUTELY LOVE to do!!

Having more FREEDOM for the things YOU LOVE MOST is critical to living your happiest life ever which is my goal for you. 

My Career Journey & Official Bio

Katrina Sawa is known as the Jumpstart Your Biz Coach because she literally kicks her clients and their businesses into high gear, online & offline, and fast. Katrina is the creator of the Jumpstart Your Marketing & Sales System, Jumpstart Yourself as a Speaker System and author of Love Yourself Successful and Jumpstart Your New Business Now. She is an International Best-Selling Author with 22 books. Katrina’s first, hosted anthology book, Jumpstart Your _______ was published in Fall of 2018 and now every year Kat gets to help 30-40 entrepreneurs become authors as a new volume of Jumpstart Your _____ is published annually or with other compilation books she publishes.

Katrina helps entrepreneurs make smarter marketing and business decisions in order to create the life and business of your dreams. She helps you create your big picture vision, plan and initial offerings if you’re just starting out. She helps you develop a more leveraged, efficient business and marketing plan if you’re more seasoned. Either way, she shows you all the steps, systems and marketing that need to be put in place in order to accomplish your big picture business, life and money goals. She does this via one-on-one coaching, her intimate group programs and in person masterminds, her Jumpstart Your Biz Events, Webinars, and speaking gigs.

Katrina is a sought-after speaker and business expert in the media. She’s been featured on various news media shows such as Good Day Sacramento, News 10 and Sacramento & Company. She won the National Collaborator of the Year Award by the Public Speakers Association of who’s conference which Katrina spoke for four years in a row. She also contributes to the Women’s Speaker Association, eWomenNetwork, eWomen Speakers Network, Women’s Prosperity Network and she’s a Diamond Member of Polka Dot Powerhouse. Kat speaks to groups and conferences of all sizes all over North America and the Internet.

2 Steps You Can Take Now to Get Started:


Complimentary Jumpstart Your Biz Clarity & Focus Call

Do You Have Questions? Wonder if I work with “your” type of business or if I have solutions “you” can use? Come Talk with me in a Complimentary 1ON1 call today. I’m a no pressure kind of gal and I promise you will get value regardless if it’s a good fit to work together.


Live & Virtual Events (Come learn new strategies & get motivated to grow your biz!)

Attend one of my Live Training Events on Zoom, or my 3-Day Deep Dive Masterminds held all over the US – they are amazingly transformational and give you a TON of practical, tactical strategies to jumpstart all areas of your business now.

Read What People Have to Say About Katrina Sawa’s

Coaching, Events and Programs!

For over three years, as a member of her Live Big Mastermind, Katrina’s coaching has increased my confidence as a business owner, productivity and sales. I now earn more than I ever dreamed and have more offerings than I could ever imagine. Her marketing strategies produce real results and it’s why I recommend her coaching services to colleagues and my own clients. I know, trust and believe she can make a big impact on a person’s business and life.

Alicia White

Branding Strategist & Graphic Design Expert

I have been working with Katrina Sawa for over 3 years now and can say she is a fantastic coach. She has a great mind for marketing and developing your business and she's even gotten me outside of my comfort zone by putting videos on my website, doing lives and even speaking.

Angela Hall

That Helpful Chick

When Katrina promises to deliver, she OVER delivers! When I attended her JumpStart Your Business in 90 Days Virtual Bootcamp, I received more resources and help from her than I’ve ever gotten from any other coach, course, or seminar in my life!

Not only that but I also worked 1on1 with Kat in her VIP Coaching and she gave me everything she has. She helped me get crystal clear on how to develop winning programs and I am pleased to say that I earned more money this past September than I have in any month in the past 9 years! How do you spell business success? 2 words: Katrina Sawa!

Linda Allred

The Bad Habit Breaker, Certified Hypnotist

I just wanted to say thank you for guiding me on what to sell from the stage this weekend. I converted about 40% into the no brainer offer which I'd never done before. 😉 It made me excited to do more live speaking engagements!

Amanda Abella

Sales & Money Coach

Working with Katrina for just a few months, my own motivation to succeed has sky-rocketed. The results have been great so far:  last month I brought in the most income ever! In addition, I got my first ever TV interview for my piano teaching business, on Good Day Sacramento; started a new blog; intensified my marketing to my database; and started going to a networking events I had only thought about going to before. Katrina helps lay out a clear path to success.  Her suggestions about my particular business are always relevant so that I constantly know what I have to do next.  And even if I get confused or stuck, she will guide me to consider new options and ideas.  Overall, great ongoing support from a very down-to-earth and practical coach.

Chris Goslow

Piano Lessons Company CEO, Musician

I wasn't sure what to expect and I was pleasantly surprised by the wealth of information Katrina shared throughout the event. I have a solid plan of what I am going to implement. When other participants say they keep coming back to her events because they either learn something new or they are finally able to hear and implement something she's presented before I GET IT! Thank you Kat!

Sonya Williams

Success Coach

When COVID hit, I was unexpectedly furloughed from two jobs and thrust into a position of uncertainty.  I met Katrina and knew, immediately, she was the one to help me launch the business I've always wanted.  As a Doctorally prepared Nurse Practitioner, I have wanted a business on my own for many years yet unsure where to start.  Katrina has helped guide me from day one!  In four short months, I went from a panic state of, "I'm not working!" to effectively running my own business and generating nearly $5,000 in just one month! Katrina helped me discover my true value and has encouraged me to charge an hourly rate which is definitely what I am worth--which is much higher than being an employee.  Her work has guided me to grow a business very quickly from simply an idea to reality. If you are considering starting a business or looking to take yours to the next level, jump now!  Katrina is the one to jump start your business!  She truly is a gift and is one of the best business decisions I have ever made!

Dr. Jody Jones

Nurse Practitioner

Katrina gave me the push I needed to implement changes in my business and helped my marketing take off with her "jumpstart your business bootcamp". If you're not happy with how your business is going, it's not going to get better until you gain the right knowledge and learn the right way to proceed. I had been listening to different teachers, a little bit here and a little bit somewhere else, but no one gave me the methodology Katrina has. Hire Katrina and watch your results!

Kay Smith

Energy & Image Coach

“Jump Start” are the perfect words to describe your coaching services. But not just “Jump Start Your Marketing.” The 1-on-1 VIP coaching you gave me Jump Started my entire business! Because of you, I took my passion from “hobby” status to actual money-in-the-bank “business” status!

For me, getting my book written provided the entry I needed to work as a professional speaker and mentor to college women. I knew my passion. I knew my message. But how to organize the most salient points into a book? I needed a hook that would be the foundation of not only my book format but also my workshops, presentations, products, and services. You asked the right questions, actively listened, and quickly understood the fundamental message I was poised to communicate. Then you synthesized and brainstormed with me until we teased out the strategy. That process — on top of the myriad and germane marketing pearls you imparted along the way — empowered me to forge ahead.

As a result of your expert guidance, my path became clear and there was no stopping me from that moment on. I simply couldn’t have done it without you. You have all the requisite characteristics of a perfect coach: Your enthusiasm and support never wane. Your knowledge and skill are ever-present. And your recommendations are spot-on. I cannot say enough about your versatility, professionalism and positive energy. You obviously care immensely about your clients and are invested in our success. You’ve no need for time-filling fluff. You roll up your sleeves, get on board, and provide insightful resolution. Any time I need another “Jump Start,” you’re my coach, Katrina!

Lauren Salamone

Author, Mentor to College Women

I am amazed at how much material we covered in such a short period of time. You didn’t waste any time getting down to business. You focused like a laser beam and the direction you provided was right on target, practical and specific. Everything we discussed could and should implemented in a matter of weeks, if not hours. In fact, I began rethinking several of my marketing strategies the minute we got off the phone. It all made perfect sense. Often as entrepreneurs we can be our own worst enemy and you need someone like Katrina to push the levers you can’t or won’t for yourself. 

Veronica Mayo

Founder, Vemayca Cosmetic Bag Company

I realized I wasn’t truly ‘in business’ until I learned how to automate, systematize, and delegate. And I was giving away my "genius" until Katrina showed me how to sell it!

Stone Fauer

Stonology's Coaching & Author

Since coaching with Kat, I’ve got 100 members in my membership program, have scheduled a live event and even got another high-end mentorship program started too!

Marilee Tolan

Young Living Essential Oils

I’m excited to get a refresher on how to delegate, automate and restructure some things in my company, it was fabulous information!

Norma T. Hollis

Authenticity Expert, Speaker, Author

I’ve learned so much about Facebook and follow up marketing, it was incredible.

Deborah Downey

Life Coach

Thanks to Katrina’s Jumpstart Your Marketing tools and training I now know what to do to get started in my business.

Linda Gillman

Life Coach

I have 2 businesses that I run and I needed to get some systems in place to make my business more fluid. She has taught me more than I could have ever known on my own and I love the way she challenges me and "kicks me in my butt" to get me moving in the right direction. I know that's exactly what I needed! I could not be where I am today with over 6-figures in BOTH businesses, a for profit and non-profit, without Katrina and her business savvy guidance. The one-on-one calls she offers are super helpful and she always keeps you on track. I would highly recommend Katrina if you need an extra "kick" in your business and if you want to make a lot of money doing what you are passionate about!

Darla Gale

LMFT and CEO of a Non Profit

I got a ton out of your coaching. Many times with coaches, it’s just the same old ideas. I have enough material to implement from the next several months.

Robert Plank

Internet Marketer, Podcaster & Speaker

I’m really excited about what I'm learning.  You can add me to your list of people who wish they had found you 10 years ago.  When the student is ready the teacher appears.

Deborah Chelette-Wilson

Coach, Speaker, Author, Artist

I was just on my website and it looks fantastic!!!  My opt in looks good, and when I put in my info I see that you changed the thank you message and it is perfect!!! Thanks again for your help and advice, it was badly needed! There’s more to be done, but you have taught me to at least do some of my back end stuff!

Sally Domingo-Laughlin

Women Wealth Mastery

"Katrina is the first business coach I met who cut right to the chase on how to improve my business. There was no wasted time, and no wasted investment. You get a return on every penny you spend with Katrina. For people looking to improve their business quickly, Katrina is the answer."

Karin E. Bauer

Marketing Agency

I decided to work with Katrina after her 3-day event, even though I went to the event with no intention of hiring a coach. I liked her business knowledge and her desire to help her clients succeed in their business. I have found while working with her for the last year, I continue to learn an incredible amount. She is constantly learning the latest business techniques and she freely gives this knowledge to her clients. My confidence has increased substantially since I have worked with Katrina and I consistently stretch out of my comfort zone. My business has transformed in ways I could have never imagined and she continues to help me with new ideas. I encourage anyone who is interested in growing their business and making their business more sustainable and fun- call Katrina.

Kim McLaughlin, MA

Therapist & Emotional Eating Coach

When I joined the Live Big Mastermind with Katrina Sawa I knew that I would have the support I needed to put the systems in place to be successful! In the time that I have been in LBMM I have created a steady stream of 1-on-1 clients, speaking opportunities, written 1 book myself and been a co-author in 3 others AND created an online course. I relied on Katrina's clear instructions each step of the way to create a foundation for success. I've been able to hire 2 VA's to delegate the things I don't want to do to be able to do all things I love to do! I am on my way to a 6+ figure business and this would not have been possible without LBMM.

Michele Mariscal, PhD

Energy & Grief Coach, Author, Speaker

Since working with Katrina... business income more than doubled, confidence skyrocketed and business thriving, scarcity mindset eliminated. I'm working smarter, not harder. I thought a new car and phone were out of my budget... I followed Katrina's guidance and obtained both within 3 months of working with her.

Dusti Garside Branecki

Housekeeping Fairy Godmother

I only worked with Katrina for a short time to have her give me a jumpstart from where I was in my business. I realized I needed better marketing in place, more systems and possibly some new programs and offerings so that I could really amp up my revenues and in just three short months she helped me do all of that. Now I have a much more up-to-date marketing and business plan that I clearly understand what to do with and how to accomplish it. Oh and in that time I also attended two of her live events and they really were chock full of useful marketing and sales strategies that I’m also already implementing to get more higher paying clients.

Tyra Jarvis

Life Coach

When I came to a point in my business where I felt stuck and unsure about the best ways to move forward, enroll more clients into my programs, and utilize the opportunities and events that I had lined up, I knew I needed the support, guidance, and expertise of someone who was already at the level in their business where I desired to be. That’s when I contacted Katrina Sawa about her 1-on-1 coaching. My primary desire was to get targeted and strategic advice that I could immediately implement in my business to start seeing results. Within our first session, Katrina provided me with the information that I needed to begin transforming my website to more clearly express the value that I offer through my work and then strategies to increase my visitor rate and client interest. Each coaching session added tremendous value to help me immediately move forward to the next step that I needed to take. I highly recommend Katrina Sawa to entrepreneurs who are ready to take action NOW and move their business to the next level fast!

Lisa Hromada

Personal Branding Strategist

I spoke with Katrina twice in two weeks and as a result I have some new ideas that I’m very excited about regarding how to market my business and how to structure my services and products. More importantly, Katrina helped me get focused with an action plan and defined goals. Plain and simple, saying that my experience with Katrina was “worth it”, does not nearly do it justice. This was an invaluable experience, one that potentially could completely change my business.

Kevin Harris

Small Business Owner

After my daughter connected me to Katrina, I just signed up for her emails, which I was getting for probably a year. But then I met her at a Conference, and I had already decided that my focus for the next year would be on “Marketing”. That’s where I would invest. I signed up for her Jumpstart Bootcamp. The best investment I had made to date! And I’ve invested 10’s of thousands of dollars in programs and coaching.

After the first call with Katrina, I realized two things, one she could be charging a lot more for the information she provides and two she gave a lot of great information. And Katrina holds you accountable, which I needed because life does happen.

Then after attending Katrina’s 2-day weekend Intensive, more great content. I decided to work with her 1 on 1 for coaching. This is where the magic really happened. She held me accountable, and helped me gain clarity, focus, and take action. And it’s been great to have someone to bounce my ideas off of and get some course correction along the way. I’m making more money, I’m no longer overwhelmed because Katrina gave me templates, step by step processes, help with implementation, we mapped out a plan and strategy, and I have access to her resources. I can’t express enough the impact Katrina has had on my business and my life.

If you’re thinking of working with Katrina in her group program or 1 on 1 coaching, either way you have access! A lot of coaches don’t give you access like Katrina does. If you need help with your Marketing then Katrina is the best I know out there, you won’t be disappointed.

Felicia Streeter

Million Dollar Mentor

Katrina has a vault of information for you for your marketing, website and so much more for start-up business or those who want to take your business to the next level too.

Marie Wallace


I love the way Katrina lays out how to develop a marketing plan, step-by-step.

Carol Pilkington

Spiritual Mentor

Katrina speaks from the heart and gives you everything you need.

Linda Hunt

Interior Designer