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Are you ready to align your mindset, pricing, and marketing to create a business that brings you both joy and profit? This episode features yours truly, Katrina Sawa, on a journey of discovery: how I went from those first exciting startup ideas to becoming a 22-book author and beyond! We’ll be dishing on all things success, from overcoming challenges to building a thriving business. It’s an interview packed with inspiration, actionable tips, and I even shared the biggest mistake I made in the business and how I learned from it. You’ll gonna love this! ✨

how to make money with your book without working yourself to death

Listen to this fun and exciting episode with Becky Lafave! We dive into all things business growth, marketing strategies, and entrepreneurship. I know these are topics you are passionate about, so I couldn’t think of a better episode for you to geek out on! 🤓💼 Becky and I shared some crazy insights on being an entrepreneur as well. If your ready to Be SEEN, HEARD & PAID as a coach then don’t miss this episode 🎧

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how to make money with your book without working yourself to death

I had the pleasure of joining Ronnie on the Wealth On Any Income Podcast, where talked about everything BUSINESS & WEALTH. We shared valuable nuggets to help business owners like you thrive and gave practical tips on how to jumpstart your sales and marketing.

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how to make money with your book without working yourself to death

I was recently featured on the Greenroom Central podcast by Sarah Fejfar. We had an exciting conversation about how profiting from events can sometimes feel like a puzzle and how you can solve that mystery by focusing on just 8 ways to a more profitable event.

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how to make money with your book without working yourself to death

I had so much fun chatting with Michelle Calloway on the Tech with Heart podcast, we dived into the digital techniques that you can use to stand out in today’s oversaturated online business landscape.

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how to make money with your book without working yourself to death

So excited to announce that I was on Savvy, Booked & Blessed. We talked about my new training program that is curated to help junior level, less experienced marketing team members learn effective strategies that will make a huge splash. 

Available everywhere you tune in or on ​​ 

how to make money with your book without working yourself to death

How to Make Fast Cash with Easy YES Offers!

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how to make money with your book without working yourself to death

Do you want to know how to make money with your book without working yourself to death?

Listen as Katrina Sawa shares the marketing savvy you can use to create and scale a consistent money-making business.

My latest podcast episode with rockstar Gratitude Geek herself, Kandas Rodarte! Who would have thought we’d have such a random conversation!!


– My Unique Story

– How to do direct mail marketing

– Love and money and relationships

– Tips for promoting a family-owned business

– Your website is the hub of your business

– Can you run a business from Facebook?

– Advice for working with your spouse

– Head Trash

– Speaking is the fastest path to cash

– My Moment of Gratitude


Katrina Sawa and Kim have a wonderful conversation as publishers on the value of having a book in your business and how you can use it to charge what you are worth.

For the August Fun-Themed #GoalChatLive Party I joined Improv in Business Speaker/Trainer Kathy Klotz-Guest and Teacher and Founder of Grateful Goddesses Karen Pulver. Whereas the topic was fun, we delved into choosing yourself, embracing change, and thriving.

Katrina Sawa guest-starred on Tonya Hofmann’s, Fabulous TV Show. Katrina shared how to create WIN – WIN situations with each other, and how she changed her world.

Find out more about my book and all the various topics I speak on regarding loving yourself successful, your love life and more. I actually have an in depth program on Online Dating for Women Over 40 even though it’s not on the site…ask me about it!

Katrina shares her secrets to creating the business and life of her dreams!

This is an interview on Channel 10 in Sacramento, Ca on the Sacramento & Company show. I was interviewed on the topic of starting up your new business, what to do, how to do it, etc. Host of Sac & Co, Melissa Paul, was an angel asking all the right questions. I shared some big ideas and little tips too on what to do to get started making money doing what you love.

Katrina Sawa shares about her book, Love Yourself Successful, on Sac & Co July 15, 2014. Sacramento & Company is a show on in the local Sacramento and surrounding area market. Find out more about Kat’s book and how to buy it online now.

I was recently featured on Tracey Osborne’s Daring Woman podcast. Life is full of ups and downs. Broken relationships, broken hearts, broken spirits. But imagine the possibilities of a life filled with joy, happiness and meaning. How do you get a jumpstart on a new life? Join Tracey Osbourn and Katrina Sawa on this podcast today. These two long time acquaintances get together and learn more about one another, and share some steps you can take to ignite your passion and jumpstart a new, exciting life!

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In this meet the expert interview I talk about the secrets to quickly and easily developing your own business model, where and how to launch your high end program, and Interactive Sales Conversation techniques for converting ideal clients.


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In this podcast interview I shared my story of not settling and knowing I deserve more and not stopping until I find it. It’s about love, money, and building your life around the kind of life you want instead of fitting your life in around your business. I also shared things that I haven’t shared before about my time as a bartender, door-to-door sales and even some online dating stories!

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Listen in as Steffi Jo and Katrina discuss how your success is affected by the love you have in your life, for yourself and the people that surround you on this eWN Podcast Network – Feminine Essence. This is such an important topic for today’s entrepreneur who is wanting to grow their business, the more you can learn and understand how the amount of love present in your life equates to the amount of success you create.

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Listen to Katrina’s interview with Adam Hommey as she shares how to continuously attract and find new clients, build the business that excites you and make more money … all at the same time!

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Join Denise Hansard and me as we discuss the Choices with make and how they affect our lives.

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Katrina appeared on The Passion Point with Caren Glasser on Google+ Hang Outs and you can watch the interview here.

Katrina Sawa and Caren Glasser talk about the challenges that small business owners have when creating a successful and profitable business for themselves.

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Listen in on my interview with Patricia Raskin of the Positive Living Show where I talk about How to Jumpstart Your Business.

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“Know the Name; Know the Genius in You” Radio Show

Need some tips about marketing, speaking, and growing your business?  Tune into this Episode with Sharón Wyeth.

Sharón  is a Professional Name Analyst and she broke down my name and shared very intriguing details about me and my personality. It was very interesting and funny!!

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In this podcast interview I sit down with Janet Fish and talk about my journey to being a successful entrepreneur. I share my insights and thoughts on how it will all work out in the end. I hope you enjoy our chat.

Listen to My Interview Here

Cary MacArthur’s Dare to Find Your V*O*I*C*E

Listen in as I share “The Power of Making Money by Doing What You Love” with Cary MacArthur and her audience on her “Dare to Find Your V*O*I*C*E” podcast on the eWN Podcast Network.

Listen to my interview here!

Unlimited Influence Podcast

 Listen to Episode 73 of this podcast, as I discussed how to Get Stuff Done And Get More Revenue with host Samantha Riley. 

Listen to My Interview Here

Love-Based Money with Michele PW

Michele PW, author of the Love-Based Business book series recently interviewed me on her Love-Based Money Podcast.

Listen in as I share my story of reaching a 6-figure income. Entrepreneurs can also learn what they should focus on to get consistent results to grow their business income.

Listen to Interview Here!

Conscious Millionaire Podcast & Syndicated Radio Show

I shared “How to Create your Signature System” so you can make your 1st Million in Episode 993 on J.V. Crum’s “Conscious Millionaire Podcast and Syndicated Radio Show”.  I am honored to be included with guests such as Chris Brogan, John Gray, Sharon Lechter, Jack Canfield, Joe Vitale, Dame DC Cordova, and Joe Calloway.

The Conscious Millionaire Podcast and Syndicated Radio Show has been honored by Inc Magazine and was named as one of the Top 13 Business Podcasts to listen to in 2017.

Listen to my interview with J.V. Crum here!

The Ignite Your Tribe World Summit: Lead With Love & Grow Your Profits – Without Losing Your Soul! 

Carol Ann DeSimine assembled a “Dream Team” of over 20 top experts (including me) from various industries to share how to grow, engage, and monetize a tribe of raving fans while creating a business that’s in alignment with who you are.

Listen to My Interview Here

Speaking With Influence

Are you trying to get Paid Speaking Opportunities?

Join me and Debra Simpson, the host of Speaking With Influence, on the Women Lead Radio show.  We discussed how to get Paid Speaking Opportunities and I’m sharing my 6 Steps to Jumpstart Yourself as a Paid Speaker on this podcast.

Listen to Interview Here!

JumpStart Your Marketing with Katrina Sawa

Katrina Sawa is an award-winning coach known as The JumpStart Your Biz Coach because she literally kicks her clients and their businesses into high gear! She is the JumpStart Your Marketing® & Sales System creator and author of Love Yourself Successful.

Listen to Interview Here

Katrina Sawa was the featured Business Coach in the December 2015 NAPW (Nat’l Ass of Professional Women) newsletter talking about how to jumpstart your business in the New Year!

Check out the article and tips here

Ascended Masters at Work 

Katrina Sawa, the Jumpstart Your Marketing Coach helps you move faster and more affordably towards your ultimate revenue and professional goals using online and offline relationship marketing strategies and leveraged business models, plus she kicks you in the butt to implement it all, too!

Listen in as Katrina talks with Shirlene Reeves about marketing strategies and how she helps business owners make more Money doing what they LOVE!

Listen to Interview Here!

Love Yourself Successful | Business Coach Katrina Sawa

On this episode, business coach and bestselling author, Katrina Sawa, talks about how she was able to build a six-figure business by bringing more love into her life. It may sound farfetched, but Katrina discovered love was the secret sauce to help propel her business success. She talks about the 4 types of love we need to focus on and how to let go of any obstacles currently holding you back from achieving your dreams. She also gives some insightful advice on how to get out of overwhelm. Katrina’s mission is to use her vast experience as a coach, speaker, and author to help guide you out of your comfort zone to a life of prosperity.

Listen To Interview Here

Katrina Sawa was the featured guest on Walt Grassl’s Stand Up & Speak Up Radio Show in March 2016. Katrina shared how to put More Love in Your Life and More Money in Your Business with Walt’s audience.

Click here to listen to the broadcast.

We loved talking to Katrina Sawa – it was a fun interview! She has a great concept and structure around how to convert Easy YES Offers™  into cash when you are networking or on stage. It’s a great way to look at your offer. We talked about how to plan out your offer, examples, and how she does it. There are great ideas and tactics in here for any entrepreneur.

Watch The Episode Here

Katrina Sawa interviewed with Charlie Poznek on his show, The Boomer Business Show, and talked about 7 Questions to ask Yourself Before Starting an Online Biz.

Listen Here

Check out Katrina’s interview with Mai Vu on the Hot Life, Hot Love Google Hangout and hear Katrina’s Love Yourself Successful tips and ideas to manifesting the man of your dreams!

Click here to watch it now!

Katrina Sawa appeared on Christine Kloser’s, Transformational Author Experience 2014. Katrina shared How to Create a Passion-Driven Business Based on Your Book.

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Katrina Sawa interviewed with Katie Goode, on the Unstoppable Success Summit. Katrina talked about how her book Love Yourself Successful came about.

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