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Besides helping entrepreneurs make a LOT more money doing what they love I also LOVE helping you set up systems and online ways to be a LOT more productive, organized and efficient. THIS will also HELP YOU make more MONEY! This is why you see me doing SO much stuff all the time, I’m freakin’ super organized and systematized.

I find that most business owners don’t make the money they want to make due to not getting in front of enough people and getting more done (without working so hard). Then secondly though, its due to not being efficient with all those leads and your follow up, and sales processes. That comes down to using TECHNOLOGY and YOUR WEBSITE to support you connecting FASTER with more people easily.

So, I decided to share this big, long 2-page checklist that I give out at my live training events and to my high end clients who use this is a guide when figuring out what else they can do to grow and scale. This checklist includes things to be more productive and efficient with regarding your website, social media, email marketing, systems and everything techy basically.

Why do I focus so much on technology, websites, and systems? Well, because these things will make your life so much easier and your business run more like a smooth-running, moneymaking machine! Sign up and get access today!

(And yes, I’m asking for your phone number because email isn’t always reliable – I want to make sure you get this!)

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Alicia White

Image Branding and Back of Room Strategist for Speakers,

“Katrina Sawa is a more than just a business coach, she is a mentor. Katrina has taught me marketing strategies that WORK! In just a few months, I implemented a long over-due email campaign, created new products, sold new services and made connections with more clients than ever before. Katrina is someone I trust completely to guide me in my business offerings and I highly recommend her.”

Julia Stege

The Magical Marketer,

“Katrina is who I go to when I need a flurry of new brilliant marketing ideas for a launch, a live event, or to build my list. As a marketing professional myself, I know what works and what doesn’t work, and what Katrina teaches works! I love her classes, coaching and live events to keep up to date with the latest marketing trends. If you get a private session with her, make sure to record it. You won’t be able to keep up with the flood of great ideas otherwise!”

“When I first began working with Katrina, I had some serious gaps in my knowledge of how to market my business online. Not only did I not know how to do anything but the few things I did know how to do I had HUGE resistance to. I couldn’t get myself to do anything. Well, since working with her in her Live Big Mastermind, I’ve hosted many online programs and totally transformed my business. I feel like business has become TREMENDOUSLY easier for me. It was such a huge hump to get over and was so overwhelming- from coming up with a program, doing a call, planning emails, marketing on social media, reaching out for help, reaching out to individuals- and not to mention actually creating the darn program. Now it not only feels more simple, but it also feels FUN! I wasn’t expecting that. Ha. And that’s all because I hired Katrina. No way I would’ve gotten to this point on my own.

Miranda Zukowski

Fitness Coach and Personal Trainer, New Jersey

About Katrina Sawa

The JumpStart Your Biz Coach, Katrina Sawa helps entrepreneurs make more money doing what they love. She is the creator of the JumpStart Your Marketing & Sales System, a tell-it-like-it-is speaker and 10x International Best-Selling author with 18 books including: Jumpstart Your New Business Now, the Jumpstart Your _____(blank) Compilation Book Series, and Love Yourself Successful. 

She has been featured on the Oprah and Friends XMRadioNetwork, ABC and TheCW and she was awarded the National Collaborator of the Year Award by the Public Speakers Association and a 2-time Nominee for the Wise Woman Award by the National Association of Women Business Owners. She speaks to groups of all sizes, holds live training events annually and she’s the founder of the International Speaker Network.

Katrina lives in Northern California with her husband Jason and step-daughter Riley where she enjoys wine tasting, traveling, entertaining, cooking and amusement parks.