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There have been SO many changes to email marketing lately, if you’ve been busy you may not have seen. It’s important to know what to do/tweak with your email marketing AND your website frankly.

Sometimes I feel like a website strategy consultant and designer, not a business coach, because 99% of the new clients I work with (and those who I speak to who DON’T become clients) ALL need to add 3-20 things to their website.

What 3-20 Things do you ask? Well, it does depend on what type of business you have, who your ideal client is, how you sell your products, programs, and services, how much you want to make, etc. but here’s just a few things that could be missing from your site right now.

1. One really cool header image on top showcasing either you if your business is about what you offer, or the product/service so that people who land there IMMEDIATELY know if they’re in the right place for what they’re looking for. That includes the right words that will make them want to learn more and scroll!

2. One, two or even 3 different free things – that are easily visible to take advantage of on the home page, (not a bunch of landing pages all over that we can’t even find) think of things for people who might have different learning styles. (ebook, replay, checklist, webinar, class, call)

3.VIDEO – this is the ONE thing that most people don’t have or don’t have enough of on their website that I was eluding to in the subject of today’s email… every single time I get a client to add a video to their home page it either increases their opt-ins or their sales, and usually within a week. BUT you have to know WHAT TO SAY in that video… that’s the key. Then you also want videos on SO many other pages of your site too (different learning styles, personalities and ways for people to feel your energy).

4. Easy ways for people to get more info, figure out WHO runs this site, ways to sign up for stuff, opt in, buy now, find your phone number, and to TRUST you faster. You have to have forms, proof, and more detail. Some sites are just too lean of info, it’s just not trustworthy to ALL who visit anymore, times have changed and just about everyone has been burned by an online purchase. Your #1 job is to establish trust, interest, and need.

There are a gazillion other things to add or tweak too but these are biggies… here’s a quick graphic to show you “high level” all the things I look at and advise you on…

Why do you have to add all this to your website? And do you have to do it now or can it wait til “later”?

Well, if you want someone who DOESN’T know you (or who does) to:

  • give you their email in exchange for a free thing

  • sign up for a 1on1 strategy/discovery call

  • buy anything, even a $7 ebook, $20 book or $57 membership

Then, yeah, you want to prepare to WOW them on your website… not just your social profiles. And if you sell something for thousands of dollars then you and your website positioning has to LOOK like someone who charges and expects that.

But I haven’t needed a website or all this stuff up to now, why is this so important (you could be asking)?

  • Do you want to grow, expand and make it so you don’t have to “touch” every lead that comes into your world?

  • Do you want to take vacations without worrying if someone is trying to reach you that might want to buy from you?

  • Do you want to make a lot more money, like triple, quadruple or even 10x what you’re doing now and can’t possibly see how to handle all of that?

Well, you either raise your rates tremendously so you only need a handful of customers to manage or if you just need more volume… (you could do both)


You need to use your website as THE HUB of your business plain and simple. Having everything run in and through your website and webpages…is how you create more freedom and ease for yourself. I have hundreds of webpages for all different things which is how I can get a lot more done, reach more people and earn more!


You want to design and write content for your website directed at those who have never heard of you before. (Those who have will take more time to look around.) Those who have never heard of you may only give your site a 2-5 second once over and if they have to SCROLL to find what they’re looking for, it just may not happen.


Too many entrepreneurs TALK ABOUT YOURSELF on the top part of your home page, instead of TALKING TO your ideal prospect with language they understand and resonate with. You don’t always see what I see and I play the part of your ideal client who has no idea who you are. I know about the sales languaging and functionality, about marketing, wording, and about the techy side of your site… you have to trust me that this needs to be a BIG focus for you this year most likely.

So, just in case you weren’t aware… I offer a service where I do deep dive website strategy consults with people! Yahoo, I’m here to help! 

I am very good at identifying what’s missing on your site, what would help provide more trust, proof, credibility, authority and detail too. What could help you automate the leads you receive and get you more leads. What would help your sales pages convert better – the words and added things on those pages, we could talk through your content, video wording, which technology you need and what you don’t and pretty much everything on one to a few calls depending on how big your site is and how clear you are in what you’re offering.

Interested in getting some support with this? Know it’s something you haven’t looked at in a while or just want a second opinion that a couple or more things couldn’t get tweaked for better results?

Great! There are 2 ways you can get help with your website, automation, sales and systems with me… 1on1 or in a small group.

One to One we can start with ONE 90-min deep dive website and business strategy call where we’ll talk through as much as we can over Zoom and you’ll get the replay because I often talk out what to say on your pages, videos, etc. That is normally $1,500 but you can get access to this now for just $450. **I will also give you the Sales Page Outline Cheat Sheet I give to clients so you can’t mess up or forget anything when you’re creating a new offering/page.

The second option is…. my NEW:

Jumpstart Your Lifestyle Business Growth Retreats!

Do you love getting together with other highly motivated entrepreneurs, going deep while working on your business, upleveling your programs, offerings, pricing and purpose?

If so you definitely want to consider joining me… only 6-10 people at each, so very high access to me and you working on YOUR business for 3 days!

Plus, we have a ton of fun too – lifestyle photo shoots, outdoor activities, yummy meals and lifelong connections made.

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