I’ve seen a few friends and marketers lately who’ve been advising their followers to stop marketing and instead build community and relationships.

Now, while I totally agree that we need to build community and relationships, doing so is actually “marketing”.

Saying that you’re not marketing, is actually marketing. Let’s just call it what it is.

And frankly 100% of the entrepreneurs I speak with every month pretty much need to do a LOT more of it, regardless of what you want to call it.

But for those of you who don’t like “marketing” or don’t want to be a marketer, you can call it relationship building if you want as long as you’re assertive enough in the process so that you actually see the results. I just don’t want you to be “fooled” by “marketing ploys” that say to stop marketing…

  • Sending an email to your list regardless of what the message inside says, is marketing.
  • Doing a Facebook live to your friends and followers on Facebook, regardless of what you say in the video, is marketing.
  • Attending a call on zoom or an event and sharing what you do in the chat for in person, regardless of what you say, is marketing.
  • Going on to Clubhouse and hanging out in a room with the hopes of meeting a few people or getting the attention of a few influencers, is marketing.
  • Speaking in front of a group, is marketing.
  • Being a guest on a podcast, is marketing.
  • Running a Facebook group and sharing stuff inside, is marketing.
  • Posting anything on any social media platform, regardless if it’s a promotion, personal photo, content, video, quote or meme, is marketing.

If you’re not seeing the results from the activities that you’re doing whether you think you’re marketing or not, it could be that you just aren’t doing or saying the right things to warrant someone taking action with you. And we need to fix that before you waste any more time frankly, otherwise what are you doing?

Here are the three types of marketing that I typically teach people in my events, workshops, coaching (and a few of the activities under each):

1)  New Business Marketing – Getting in front of more new ideal prospects through many different ways such as:

  1. Social media posting, videos, engagement
  2. Networking at events, virtual calls, events and conferences
  3. Speaking in front of groups of your ideal prospects
  4. Writing blogs, articles for your own website but also other sites, publications, magazines, etc.
  5. Getting on TV, radio or being interviewed on podcasts
  6. Cold calling (I don’t blame you, I don’t want to do that either)
  7. Hosting events and workshops

2)  Database Marketing – Sharing with and building relationship with the people who already know you, like you and hopefully trust you. Having them get to know you better so they feel comfortable taking a next step with you.

  1. Email marketing to those on your list
  2. Phone calls to those on your list
  3. Direct mail to those on your list
  4. Texting potential clients and prospects
  5. Hosting events and workshops
  6. Working your “HOT LIST” of interested prospects

3)  Referral Source Marketing – Reaching out to people who could potentially refer business to you or share your stuff/marketing with their followers for fun, commission, and reciprocal relationship.

  1. Reaching out and asking for those who know you to share about your stuff.
  2. Reaching out to those who don’t know you to collaborate and build relationships for more referrals.
  3. Building a Referral Source Prospect list is a very important activity (and it’s a free strategy to reach the most people)

If you’re not focusing on a lot of these activities on a monthly or weekly basis, then I would suggest you get a plan in place to reach more people in more and different ways.

And PS that doesn’t mean you have to work harder or longer it just means you need an organized, efficient plan. And/or you may want to get some help to implement some of it too…. it’s not easy reaching out to over 1,000 or more NEW people every month which is what I recommend to most (and what can be easy with the right systems!). Systems are the key to reaching more and doing more… which brings in more cash flow by the way.

If you don’t know what to do or how to do all this then I suggest you attend my event or purchase the recordings.

You can also purchase my latest training, all about technology and systems and how it helps you get more of this done.

More Systems and Tech = More Clients = More Cash Flow

On this training, we talk about your lead gen, marketing, follow up, and sales systems and how to have the right technology to make more of that work for you so you’re not bogged down with it all yourself manually because that is what is preventing you from making more money.

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Here’s to creating and enjoying a life full of lots of Love & Money!



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