The #1 thing that is holding you back from having a much more successful business or happier life is your own level of confidence.

About 80% of the women I talk with on a monthly basis about their businesses are lacking confidence, have low self-esteem or just plain don’t believe they deserve to be successful. Yet the majority of them want to make a 6+-figure income in their businesses or enjoy much happier lifestyles. They think they just need to do more marketing, have a better website, do some social media, have more products to sell on their website or who knows what else; I’ve heard it all.

The Confidence Struggle

Whether you’re in business for yourself or just struggling to be happier and more satisfied in your life, you probably beat yourself up on a daily or weekly basis, you listen to that inner head trash that pulls you down or criticizes you and you don’t know how to overcome these feelings or emotions in order to project a more confident, powerful professional persona to be taken seriously. You don’t project a consistent vibration about what you really want in life because you constantly doubt yourself.

It’s this low self-confidence that projects a vibe to others all around you; sometimes even giving off the feeling that you don’t really know what you’re doing or that they don’t trust.

Low Self-Esteem is Killing your Business

This lack of belief and trust coming from your prospects and connections is why they aren’t buying from you or engaging with you. It may not be anything you’re saying necessarily or what you’re selling but it’s that aura you’re giving off, the vibration and energy of lack.

Most people don’t even notice that they are projecting this and wonder why their business is struggling, why people aren’t buying, why people tell them they can’t afford it or why their phone isn’t ringing. Or for individuals, you wonder why your spouse isn’t attending to your needs, friends aren’t being as supportive as you want or your kids don’t respect you enough.

Your self-confidence can make or break your success and happiness and it’s important to focus a good portion of effort towards changing this.

Here’s how you can fix it:

So, here are some steps you can take now to help increase your confidence level and project an energy that is more professional, trustworthy, in-charge and accomplished.

💖 Identify your head trash; what is making you feel bad, what are your deep-rooted beliefs holding you back? Become aware when that head trash is interfering and learn how to ignore it or transform it into positive, productive energy.

💖 Clear your environment from negative and destructive external influences: This could mean not hanging around specific people who pull you down or criticize you (at least for a while). This could mean changing the way you dress or look so you feel better about yourself. This could mean taking more time for self-care so you are less stressed and happier. This could mean cleaning up or organizing your home or office if you’re in an environment that doesn’t allow you to be productive with work or to inspire your creativity. This could mean going out and getting that ONE new client to pay your new, higher rate.

💖 Hang around people who genuinely care about you and support you, lift you up. Get feedback from your clients who love you and who’ve been transformed by your work. Work with a coach or mentor for this and all aspects of your life and business so that you can become a well-rounded person, professional and learn to see yourself for the wonderful, beautiful person that you are who deserves whatever it is that you want.

Increasing your self-confidence is not a quick task; it’s a life-long process. Don’t set yourself up for failure from the beginning setting extremely high expectations; take baby steps if you can, you will see much longer-lasting results.

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