3 steps to decide which event to attend

Do you have a love-hate relationship with zoom calls in 3-day events?

I know so many who do.

Are you finding that you’re attending a ton of them but not seeing paying clients coming from them?

It could be that you’re spending time on the wrong calls and events. I see this all the time with entrepreneurs who are struggling to make consistent revenue in their business and they attend every little call and event that comes across their path, especially the free ones. These people rarely pay for an event because they figure why should I pay for one when I can attend all these other ones for free?

The truth is, and you already know this, but you get what you pay for. Now I attend plenty of calls that are free but usually there within a membership that I’m paying for on a monthly or annual basis. Meaning most of the calls and events that I attend are technically paid cause and events because when their skin in the game you get more out of it.

I also choose events and calls that are more engaging for the attendee rather than ones where I’m just watching a webinar or listening to a speaker. At this point of my business there’s very few things I need more training on. Don’t get me wrong I still listen, learn, and implement new strategies all the time. But I picked these up from the calls I’m already attending.

If you’re tired of attending zoom calls in three day events and not seeing results then there’s two or three things you might need to tweak in order to change your results.

You want to change your results? You want to get more clients?

Here’s a quick three step guide on deciding whether or not to attend a specific event or call.

1) Do some research. When I’m evaluating whether or not to attend an event or call that I’ve never been to before, I will go to the event website and or the Facebook page or event and view previous pictures because most people will post pictures. I will look for friends and colleagues in those pictures and if I see people that I know, which I usually do, then I will send them a quick message or email asking what they thought about that event and if it was engaging. If there aren’t any pictures to see and I have no idea who’s doing the event I will send a message to their contact email address and ask questions such as; does this event have breakouts for attendees to get to know each other? Is the chat room open or closed? Is this an interactive call where people get to introduce themselves or is this a multi-speaker webinar type of an event? Then I may also look to see who’s hosting the event and make sure they have a viable website and look like they have a good following to know that they’ll be enough people on the call.

2) What’s your goal? Is your goal to make connections with prospects, referral sources, and or find other speaking opportunities? Because that’s always my goal. I never go to an event just for the speaker these days. I always want to maximize my time with networking opportunities and at events where I can actually say who I am and what I do and or connect in the chat room. It’s okay to go to an event where you want to learn but please know what that thing is that you want to learn don’t just go to an event to soak up like a sponge everything everyone is talking about because then you’ll just be overwhelmed with too much information. For example if you want to learn more about how to grow your Instagram account then seek out one or two Instagram experts and see where they’re speaking or go to their events. Figure out what you want to learn first then seek out events to support that don’t go to events and be a sponge, go to events with a purpose.

3) Work the room. When you do attend events and cause you need to properly work the room to maximize your connections. Most people I see are doing this inefficiently by copying and pasting information into the chat room dozens of times throughout an event, not strategically which is what you want to do. Beyond just posting in the chat you have to:

  • Listen to people and what they’re saying to identify who might be a really good prospect for you
  • Reach out to them “on the spot” in the chat to see if they would like to schedule a call with you (for info on your services OR simply a get-to-know-ya type call that is NOT a sales call…. too many people lead with trying to book sales calls whereas I book collaboration calls) – You have to do this during the call though otherwise you have to spend way too much time in the follow up, when you should be moving on to the next call! (PS this also means you have to have your Zoom Blurb Templates ready for the chat! You can get access to my template sheet here if you want.)
  • Give people YOUR calendar link to save YOUR time in booking on all theirs
  • Private message people who interest you either for your biz or referral sources too over on social media – usually Facebook or LinkedIn you can search and find people pretty easily if you can see their first and last name on zoom and even sometimes their website url is shown too.
  • Send an email too – do all 3!!! PM in chat, PM on social and email them – all 3 for best results and ensuring that they see you in at least one place.

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