What do you do when a client says no?

Do you give up and say “okay see you later!”?

Or do you ask why? Why they weren’t interested in purchasing your programs, products, or services?

Finding out the real why gets a little tricky sometimes. People don’t always want to tell you the truth. Sometimes they offer up excuses like “I don’t have the money” or “it’s not a good time right now”.

If you’ve heard those excuses before, they usually are excuses, and there’s a deeper issue going on with your prospect that they’re just too embarrassed or unwilling to share with you.

Oftentimes they also don’t see the value yet in what you’re offering and they don’t understand what they’re going to get because perhaps you weren’t very thorough in your explanation of the transformation they would receive.

Sales is all about transformation. It’s not about the logistics of what someone is going to get or the delivery of the thing, it’s about what’s in it for them.

Sometimes pricing doesn’t matter at all frankly when you really think it does.

Take this friend of mine as an example:

My friend Susan is a relationship coach, she helps women find their perfect man through dating and self-development work. Her rates might be different now, but at the time, she told me she charged $10,000 to work with her for the year and she guaranteed you would find the man of your dreams during that time or she would continue working with you for free until you did.

That’s value. I know for me when I was looking for my current husband and I was in the dating scene, hating every minute of it, I would have done anything or paid anything to anyone to help me figure out how to find him. $10,000 was nothing to me compared to having a lifelong love relationship. In fact, in 2012 that’s sort of what I did, I hired a matchmaking service for $6,000 to match me with people in their database, I went to three relationship-oriented, self-growth weekend retreats for a total of another $6,000 and I was on four online dating sites, two of which cost money and two of which were free to the tune of another $400 or so over 6 months.

This is what I call going “all in”. Doing whatever it takes to get the result you desire.

My mindset of being “all in” on my search for my Mr. Right was what I know aided me in finding him within six months of that initial investment. I invested over $12,000 to find the man of my dreams and I succeeded!

What kind of transformation do you offer and provide with your programs, products, and services?

I invite you to really think about what it means for your customers and clients to have the result that you show them how to achieve. It might be worth it a heck of a lot more than you think. And they may not blink an eye at a high price tag if they believe that you can give them or help them to achieve what they want. 

It might just be YOUR limited mindset causing you to price things at a lower rate you know?

I urge you to think about your pricing and I invite you to come to a class with me to discuss it in a small group. Let’s get your pricing set at a level that finally meets your true value and worth!

I create a safe space on my calls for you to share your concerns, your thoughts and your big desires and dreams as well. I want to help you get clarity, more confidence, to charge what you’re worth and get it.

This is such a meaty topic.  There’s no way to cover it all in one blog post.  And that’s why I created a training all about it.

Check it out here to learn more.


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