Well, apparently I struck a cord with a lot of you who responded to the Money, Money, Money email the other day!!

Most of you said it was EXACTLY what you needed to hear which is so awesome that I channeled that for you…

Others of you expressed your deepest fears with me around charging more and your worth and I commend you for sharing that, I really do. I know it’s not easy to admit your limiting beliefs. 

Trust me, I’ve had the same thoughts too!

Why do you think I wrote my book, Love Yourself Successful 9 years ago??? Yep!

A couple of you even got really ANGRY! Wow, I wasn’t expecting that… and most likely those two have unsubscribed by now… sad that they can’t see that selling and making money is SERVING at it’s highest. 

I’ve been through all kinds of tough, hard belief issues. I still have them, I think we all will have them forever, it’s just how you deal with them when they show up is what matters. 

In fact, TRUTH:

I just sent this bracelet off to one of my clients for her birthday a week or so ago… the inscription inside read:

You are Braver Than You Believe, Stronger Than You Seem, Smarter Than You Think

I have to tell many of my clients in the first few months (sometimes years!!) of working with them to “trust in my belief in you if you can’t trust in yourself just yet”. 

Another friend of mine, Brigitte Ayoub, said it in a talk a few weeks ago too… 

“You have to FAITH it til you MAKE it.” 

(Rather than, “FAKE it til you make it” which is what so many people say and what I’ve said over and over again… I thought that was brilliant!)

It’s so true though, what is required of us as entrepreneurs in order to truly succeed is TO ABSOLUTELY HAVE FAITH, in ourselves… Faith that it will all work out in the end (that was the name of a chapter I wrote in a book in 2006! I had no idea that would ultimately be the words I LIVE BY now.)

Let’s face it, as an entrepreneur you have to find a way to get beyond your fears and potentially get outside your comfort zone so you can actually MAKE more money!! 

So if the money talk makes you nervous, anxious or angry… then you definitely want to talk with me and/or sign up for my event in a couple weeks. I’m going to show you how to look at it differently. 

Making more money in your business IS how you will make a bigger impact and help a lot more people!

How can you get more in the conversation around money on a more consistent basis too?

You can’t hide from this or you aren’t going to be successful.

One of the things I’m SUPER GREAT AT is talking through the sales conversation with someone, one-on-one or in a group and giving you THE WORDS to use in YOUR conversations so you feel empowered, confident and assertive enough to enroll more clients into YOUR AMAZING PROGRAMS!

I want to help you make more sales easily and authentically so you can impact so many more with your gifts… I show you the HOW and give you your ROADMAP on WHAT to do… I make it really easy to FOCUS on WHAT MATTERS. 

Let me help you refine your beliefs, your thoughts and your strategy in your business so that you can start really earning what you deserve and stop working way too hard for it all. 

It’s time to CHANGE YOUR PERSPECTIVE about your business and how you’re running it, marketing it and more. 

I’m here and willing to support you, guide you and even push you outside your comfort zone (in a very safe, loving environment) so you can see bigger success in your business so much faster. 

This is what you’ll experience at my next Jumpstart Your Biz VIRTUAL event… all of this and so much more!! 

You may be attending dozens of Zoom calls right now but not seeing the CONSISTENT CASH FLOW that you need… Attending this event will honestly be one of the best investments and experiences in your entrepreneurial journey thus far.

You have to trust me – but I’m also willing to put my money where my mouth is and offer a guarantee if you don’t agree!!! No one is doing that with other virtual events… I am because I know how perfect it is for you.

I hope and pray that you consider registering ASAP and just making it happen, no more excuses. You can bring a friend for just $97 once you register too, do whatever you have to do and let me get my hands on your business this November!

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I look forward to helping you build the business and life of your dreams!

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