OMG do you remember the song, For the Love of Money? I had to ask Google… who sings the song with money, money, money, money…. MONEY in it… It was the OJs by the way! 

Why do I ask this? Well… I was just sitting here trying to figure out what message you all could use today and moving into the weekend, what would serve you, what is top of mind with my clients right now and people I’ve met out networking and it all has to do with money in some way or another.

Hear me out…

You’ve heard the phrase: “Money is energy”, right? 

I also like the one: “Money Follows Speed!”, meaning more money will come to you when you make faster decisions and take faster action. (I use this a lot at my events to showcase examples of such which I’m going to get into below.)

But I was just thinking that a lot of people I meet are fearful a bit about talking about money, about asking for money, about mentioning their pricing, about charging more.

Let’s face it, as an entrepreneur – you can’t be this way at all. You have to find a way to get beyond your fears and potentially get outside your comfort zone so you can actually MAKE more money!!

This week alone, money has come up in many ways:

  • I spoke with two money mindset coaches this week who serve women
  • I spoke with 4 new clients about their money goals (and money fears)
  • I spoke with about 8 clients or members of my IEN who need to make more money and get clients pretty darn quickly and we gave them tips on what to do to make FAST CASH (is what I like to call it)
  • I’ve had discussions with a financial planner, a real estate investor about how they want to help others build wealth
  • I’ve heard from a couple clients who had their BEST MONEY WEEK EVER!

So much of what I do and speak about is about money.

You might not have this much talk about money in your day-to-day lives and it occurred to me that this is why I’m sooooo comfortable talking about my pricing, programs, asking for people to attend my events and buy my stuff… is that I’m always in the conversation.

How can you get more in the conversation around money on a more consistent basis too?

I sware on my life that this will be so helpful for you to do, I promise over time, you too will get so much more comfortable with the money conversation that you won’t feel sleezy or salesy anymore.

You have to sell though. You have to market. You have to make offers. You have to have sales conversations. You can’t hide from this or you aren’t going to be successful.

One of the things I’m SUPER GREAT AT is talking through the sales conversation with someone, one-on-one or in a group and giving you THE WORDS to use in YOUR conversations so you feel empowered, confident and assertive enough to enroll more clients into YOUR AMAZING PROGRAMS!

I want to help you make more sales easily and authentically so you can impact so many more with your gifts…

Let me give you an example from one of my live events:

One time I had a pet psychic attend my event and she was an extreme introvert (maybe some of you can relate). I love getting my hands on introverts, it’s so fun! So part of what we do at my events is CREATE & SELL what I call, Easy Yes Offers. We do this in the room and I help you do this so that everyone literally has something to sell (to the room). Then people stand up and give us their pitches, right on the spot and then I say, “ok who wants that offer?” and people raise their hands, the one who made the offer goes around and either collects the CASH or a credit card, they make the transaction ON THE SPOT mind you, and the person is usually FLOORED with the fact that they just made $300 or sometimes even $1,000!!

Yes so the pet psychic gal, wasn’t really participating, she was just listening and watching, and I was watching her. Then once a bunch of people had shared their offers and money was flying around, I asked her to stand up and share hers. She said a polite “no thanks, I don’t have one”. And I said “oh yes you do… I’ll bet over half the room has pets here and you can work virtually as well as in person right?”. She said “yes”. I said “Okay, stand up and let’s see, what could you offer…”, we brainstromed it out right there on the spot, she was happy with it and spit out the offer (reluctantly) and boy if like 5 or 6 people didn’t raise their hands immediately to buy it!! I bought it too!! From stage I handed her my credit card!!

Did she get outside her comfort zone? YES

Was it worth it? I’d say so, it paid for her ticket and travel to the event!

What was the REAL lesson here?

  1. That you have to SHOW UP IN PERSON sometimes, you can’t always just sit behind your computer. (and in regards to virtual events, showing up means you have to be there with your video on taking notes and NOT multi-tasking!) PLUS.. social media will NOT bring you money like that every day or that easily!!

  2. You don’t know what you don’t know… well, until someone shoves you outside your comfort zone or teaches you. People just need to “experience” you, and sometimes all it takes is a couple minutes and an Easy YES Offer!!

  3. You have to just ACT. If she had said an absolute no to me and not stood up, she wouldn’t have learned that she had a great offer for ANYONE, ANYWHERE and at any event she ever goes to. She can make money daily after this experience. She wouldn’t have made a dime. She may have regretted it later too, kicking herself wondering why she just couldn’t take the leap in faith and let herself experience this.

What are YOU doing when it comes to experiences like this?

Do you sit and wait it out?

Do you say, well maybe later, not now?

Do you think, oh I can’t do that?

STOP IT! You’re slowing down and even sabotaging your own success. You deserve more and you deserve it now, not someday.

I want to extend an invitation to you that is not just to another event that I host, it’s to a CHANGE OF PERSPECTIVE for you about your business and how you’re running it, marketing it and more. 

  • Isn’t it time that you took faster action so you can see faster results?
  • Isn’t it time that you stop waiting until you think everything is perfect, the stars align and money magically appears into your bank account and instead just go make it happen?

I’m here and willing to support you, guide you and even push you outside your comfort zone (in a very safe, loving environment by the way) so you can see bigger success in your business so much faster. 

This is what you’ll experience at my next Jumpstart Your Biz VIRTUAL event… all of this and so much more!!  We will create YOUR Easy Yes Offers and you’ll get a chance to try them out. You’ll also learn how to do this VIRTUALLY!! So many entrepreneurs are attending dozens of Zoom calls right now but not seeing hardly ANY cash or new clients coming from it. STOP STRUGGLING with this…  Attending this event will honestly be one of the best investments and experiences in your entrepreneurial journey thus far.

You have to trust me – but I’m also willing to put my money where my mouth is and offer a guarantee if you don’t agree!!! No one is doing that with other virtual events… I am because I know how perfect it is for you.

I hope and pray that you consider registering ASAP and just making it happen, no more excuses. You can bring a friend for just $97 once you register too, do whatever you have to do and let me get my hands on your business this November!

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Here’s to creating and enjoying a life full of lots of LOVE & MONEY!! 

I look forward to helping you build the business and life of your dreams!

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