Please don’t offer a “mastermind” for pennies…

I’ve hosted my Live Big Mastermind now for 12 years this November and frankly I’ve offered it at quite a few different price points, some that I’ve felt valued for and some that I haven’t.

When I first started offering a high-end program I was scared because I wasn’t sure if people would pay for it or not. But the first year, eight people did!

Then it got bigger and bigger and today I keep a steady flow between 22 and 25 members. THIS one program is how I sustain consistent revenue by the way, every year now since it started…you can do this too!

One of the things that makes it easier for your prospects to say “YES” to YOU is the way that you price things. You want to give people options to working with you, payment plans too and bonuses if you’re able (not necessarily discounts). I offer a very unique option for payment plans and multiple years that could work for you too! I’m going to share this strategy on my upcoming Pricing for Profits training this Wed – you should really come to see what is possible for YOU!

I think everybody should have a high-end program frankly, AND… because if you don’t have one no one can buy it right?

The biggest reason most entrepreneurs I talk with don’t have one is because they don’t have a clue on what they can offer to be worth enough money to warrant a big price tag.

That’s the simple part for me, is determining what goes in your package or program.

I love brainstorming with people on how you can add more value to what you’re offering and I have a ton of ideas for all kinds of business owners because I work with all kinds of business owners.

We’re going to do that in this training on Wed, brainstorm all kinds of business models, pricing formats and options like you would experience at a buffet – LOTS OF CHOICES!! That’s how I roll, then you can choose which option seems to fit you.

From low end to high end, from group to one-on-one, from product sales online to retreats and more, all of these business models COULD be good for you but not every one will be a good fit which is why I brainstorm ideas with entrepreneurs rather than preach at you ONE specific model like other coaches do. (They’re usually doing that because that’s the only way they know or have made money.)

Don’t be shackled by your industry norms, or compliance, or the thinking that nobody in my industry does that stop it. We are in a new world, and a new marketplace and there is so much opportunity if you’re open to learning what’s possible.

I can’t wait to share some fun and creative pricing strategies with you at my class that I recently created.

Let’s make this YOUR BEST YEAR ever!

I know how to show you how to tweak what you’re doing to get really BIG RESULTS in 2021! 

Here’s to creating and enjoying a life full of lots of Love & Money!



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