My 72-year-old client said to me one time, “I don’t want to do videos because I don’t like the way my neck looks on video.” (she thought it was too wrinkly) And I replied, “put a scarf around your neck and do it anyway!” She did and that was the start of her using videos to share her gifts and message! She still does videos today, and without the scarf, 10 years later.

You can do videos too! You just have to stop sabotaging yourself. Stop worrying what 2% of people might think and believe that the other 98% of those who will watch NEEDS what you have to share!

As entrepreneurs, we do videos and posts, articles, email newsletters and more because we need to educate our customers and prospects. We need to share tips, tutorials, strategies, as well as how we can help. We have to do more now than ever before in our marketing, lead generation, follow up and sales processes and video is a key strategy that can help people get to know-like-trust you better and faster.

With video, people can feel your energy and determine pretty quickly if they resonate with you or not. We can also repel the wrong people which is fine! There’s billions of people on the planet and each of us just needs a very small number of customers and clients to build a really good business.

So, why fear video?

It can spread your message faster and more clearly. You can showcase your passions, purpose and expertise. You can connect with your audience of followers, fans and customers so that you’re top of mind more often.

Find a solution to your fear instead, like the scarf. What bandaid can you put on your fear for now until you can just get started? I promise it gets easier and more fun.

Video is not going away in fact; it’s getting bigger and more critical to our small business success. Search engines love videos and highlight them first. Social media loves videos created on their respective platforms.

What do you really need to start using video more often to gain visibility in your business?

  • A phone – you can record easily from your smartphone.
  • A webcam on your computer.
  • The ability to share something, anything… personal or professional.


Don’t get pressured into thinking that you need fancy microphones and lighting or certain headsets and lapel mics for your phone. That can come later. You just have to get started… and push play! The right people will love you and listen to you and the wrong people will go away. It’s ok. Be you, be proud, be confident, and be bold. You got this!


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