Embracing Systems & Structure in Your Business

Embracing Systems & Structure in Your Business!

One thing a lot of entrepreneurs avoid doing in their business is implementing systems and structure.

Why is that?

  • It could be that you aren’t sure how to be more efficient or automated or what to do to get you there.
  • It could be that you’re more of a free spirit and systems and structure sound hard, foreign or horrible at best.
  • Or it could be that you just don’t recognize that you need them.

What I mean by systems and structure is not specific software or programs of some kind necessarily.

It’s the strategy and process behind what you’re doing in your business, marketing, follow up and sales. Systems and structure like the ones I’m referring to could lie on your website, shopping cart, software or even offline systems for things that need to happen to run and market your business more effectively and efficiently.

Systems for lead generation, getting clients, client intake processes, signing prospects up for a call with you, how you speak with them and what you send them before you have that call. Systems for taking people from one page to another on your website with videos and freebies or call to action. Systems for mailing things to new customers or prospects when you have their mailing address (if you’re not doing this you’re missing out on thousands of dollars you know!).

Typically, entrepreneurs who are more creative types of big picture thinkers don’t tend to gravitate towards these types of details whereas those more educated or detail oriented entrepreneurs take too much time with these details and often don’t get to the necessary sales and marketing activities which is not good either.

Let me share a few key reasons why, if you’re someone who’s a bit more resistant (or oblivious) to creating and implementing systems and structure, you want to start paying attention pretty quickly.

You will:

  • Gain more hours back in your day.
  • Reach and impact many more people and prospects.
  • Sell more and make more money regularly.
  • Become more known and elevate your expert status.
  • Get more exposure and visibility.
  • If something tragic happens in your life you will have the time and ability to handle it.

No one thinks anything tragic will happen to them of course but I’d like to have you please rethink that. If I had 14 pages to write it out I would tell you my story and why it’s made me so passionate about helping other entrepreneurs embrace and implement more systems and structure into their business.

What I will share for those of you who are newer to me is that things were going along great until age 42 or so, 10 years ago… I had just met the man of my dreams.

But within two years, I had to have two total hip replacement surgeries (at age 42 and 43) and my fiancé had kidney stones that same year. The year after that he proposed… but within 3 weeks of the proposal, he was diagnosed with throat cancer!!

He survived thank God, so we got married a year after that… then I had a toe surgery, my mom’s husband died. Then my mom started having issues falling (living a plane ride away) I had to go visit and help her 3 times… we finally moved her here near us, now she has lung cancer and congestive heart failure and the last 30 days has been very trying!!

There is sooooo much more than life has thrown at us but we’re like the Energizer Bunny and we keep going, why? Because what’s the alternative?

All of these issues we never anticipated or thought would happen to us but they did. All of them also took us out of our work or business for a minimum of a week if not a lot longer in the case of my surgeries and possibly the current situation.

Luckily I do have many systems and structures in place as well as a pretty decent size team that helped me get stuff done and keep the marketing going while I was out of the office.

I’m taking more time for family these days and making more than ever. How?

  • Systems.
  • The right pricing, products and programs.
  • Confidence and determination.
  • Team.
  • Automated marketing and follow up.

I wanted to talk about this today because if anything, I mean anything, happens to you or someone you love (not to mention unforeseen issues due to mother nature or home repairs), you could be faced with challenges with continuing to generate leads, sales and revenue. I want to make sure YOU are prepared as much as possible just in case. Trust me, do this now, don’t put it off; you just never know what’s going to happen or when and life is too short too to not enjoy it as much as possible now. Systems will do that for you also.

Where should you start?

Well, a call with me 1on1 to discuss what you need to do is the smartest action step honestly… sign up here.

But MOST of you won’t do that for whatever reason, your head-trash gets the best of you, you think you “can’t afford it” but don’t even know how much “it” is, or you won’t make the time (which is crazy to me)… but so be it. Check out my online trainings then and pick one to start there… they start at $27.

I’m ready to talk with those of you who KNOW this is CRITICAL TO YOUR LONG-TERM SUCCESS!

Let’s make this YOUR BEST YEAR ever!

I know how to show you how to tweak what you’re doing to get really BIG RESULTS in 2022! Book a 1on1 strategy call with me here now!

Here’s to creating and enjoying a life full of lots of Love & Money!


“Katrina gave me the push I needed to implement changes in my business and helped my marketing take off with her “jump start your business” bootcamp. IF you’re not happy with how your business is going, it’s not going to get better until you gain the right knowledge and learn the right way to proceed. I had been listening to different teachers, a little bit here and a little bit somewhere else. But no one gave me the methodology Katrina has. Hire Katrina and watch your results!”
Kay Smith

Energy Dressing Coach

“In just 3 short months in your Live Big Mastermind, wow, you helped me get clarity around my entire planning schedule, and how to make sure I keep the balance in my own business and life, especially since that’s what I teach. I’ve simplified my website, and lead generation systems so things run a lot smoother now which is taking a lot of stress out. I’ve taken advantage of more speaking opportunities, online summits and am collaborating a lot more with other experts that are growing my reach tremendously. Plus I finally created and launched the high-end mastermind that I have been called to lead for years now and filled it with 5 new people in 30 days! I can’t wait to see what else we create as I’m on target for my best year yet!”
Dr. Heather Tucker

Founder & Ceo, AnotherLevelLiving.com

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