I hit a record of unsubscribes in the last week – wow! I didn’t think talking about money so strongly would do that but it’s very interesting. And of course, I have to speak my truth and serve you the way I see fit, right? That’s all we can do…Do you trust yourself enough to say what you know needs to be said?

Regardless of the outcome? I’m not going to stop sending emails because a few people felt that my message didn’t resonate with them, you know why? Because I believe in myself, my information, and I trust myself. 

I’m here to serve tens of thousands of entrepreneurs just like you… I hope you gleen some insight from today’s email too. 

So my question for you today is:

Are you playing small or playing big? (and why should it matter?)

Could your goals be too small, too low or not fulfilling enough for the impact that you truly want to make? If it’s possible that you could be “playing small” and what you really want is to be a much bigger influence on a greater number of folks doing what you love, then read on.

It’s YOUR time to play bigger, serve more and make a bigger impact – you can do this!

Most of all, those who you will serve – NEED YOU! They need you to step up now.

It doesn’t have to be hard and you certainly don’t have to work longer hours to accomplish what you want. You just may not see or know what you don’t know.

It’s about:

  1. Believing
  2. Trusting
  3. Acting
  4. Repeating Consistently
  5. And…. Being open to ‘what’s next’

Learning and brainstorming about what else is possible for you is something I love to do. So many times I come up with ideas for people and they would have never thought about it or thought about doing business in such a way. Sometimes they are open to the ideas, sometimes though they are resistant for a few reasons.

For example, take the Graphic Designer client of mine who didn’t want to work that much and who didn’t want to just do a logo here or a sign there, those jobs weren’t fulfilling enough. She didn’t “need” a whole lot of money, in fact her goal was $50,000/year; but she found herself working way too hard on jobs that didn’t fulfill her and with clients who didn’t always appreciate her.  She wanted to really create an experience for her clients and their customers. She wanted them to have everything they needed to be the stand out brand in their industry.

One of the various things I suggested to her during our time together, was that she offer an annual program with unlimited designs and branding for ONE price, sort of an “all in” type of package. This would be for someone who’s a bit more experienced in their business who develops new programs and offerings often and who just needs a consistent brand and design behind it all. I was suggesting she charge $10,000 per year per client (it could have been more frankly but I knew this would be a tough pill for her to swallow). All she’d have to do is get 5 clients at that rate and that’s it, she’s done. They could pay in full or have a 12-month payment plan (which would have provided consistent cash flow for her), but they would have to commit to the year.

Did she do it? No.

Why do you think that was?

She didn’t have the courage to offer something so different than the “norm”. She didn’t believe in herself that she could be good enough for someone to invest at that level for her services. It’s sad really and I see it all the time… people undervaluing themselves and doubting their abilities. It breaks my heart.

Offering and selling that kind of “all in” pricing is actually very easy though. The right clients love it too because they can easily budget it in. Plus, they can feel sure that she’d be there for them when they needed help and they wouldn’t then have to worry about additional costs. (I do this with my Live Big Mastermind and have now for almost 10 of the years I’ve been running it.)

For some of you this type of pricing might scare you off too perhaps, but what if? What if you could, within just a few months, totally transform the way you’re doing your business and how you’re serving your clients and really, finally make the kind of money that you deserve?

This is how I jumpstarted my own business back in 2005 after meeting my first mentor and attending her eye-opening workshop. I met people that were doing BIG things and thinking and playing much bigger than me. It showed me that is WAS possible, I had proof.

What if you could serve at that higher level? Heck, you’re probably serving at that level now, you’re just not receiving the amount of value for it that you truly deserve.

Give yourself permission to receive and take care of yourself, your family and decide to grow your business in the coming year. You can do this… it doesn’t have to be hard or take a lot of hours, but you may need some brainstorming, new ideas and implementation or sales and marketing strategies or wording around HOW to do this.

There are a lot more examples like that one also:

–  A wedding floral designer who worked all the time, and almost every weekend so she never really had time for her family, husband, or herself. She was burned out and wanted a new way to earn income and she just couldn’t think of how she could do that without taking on more weddings and more clients. In less than 3 calls we came up with the Do-it-yourself Wedding Flower Guide for brides to do their own weddings. This was way back before a lot of this was popular but it was certainly outside the norm. She recorded videos in her kitchen and a workbook and resources guide even and sold the package for many years to the brides who weren’t going to hire her anyway!

–  An attorney, who was tired of the traditional ways of doing her business and serving clients. She had a lot of knowledge and expertise but couldn’t think up ways to make residual income without changing careers. We came up with a membership option for her business where she basically became an “on call” attorney for those clients who want to have the luxury of getting legal advice anytime. It was perfect for her because she then was allowed to live the life she wanted, enjoying more time with family, on her property, taking vacations and more because she wasn’t tied to her office.

–  A fitness trainer who had a job teaching fitness classes at gyms and also doing in home 1on1 training sessions on her own. When she came to me, she wanted desperately to find “the one” and have some kids. But she was working all the time and barely made ends meet. We helped her create an online fitness tribe membership where she found her groove, and finally was able to quit running all over town and stay home because with that added free time, she met a man and they now have two boys!

It’s possible you know… you don’t have to fit into the “normal box” with what you offer. If you’ve ever been on a call with me, I always say “there are BILLIONS of people on this planet and all you need is a teeny, tiny few to reach YOUR GOALS”.


  1. Believe
  2. Trust
  3. Act
  4. Repeat
  5. And…. Be open to ‘what’s next’

It’s time you trusted yourself, in others, and believed 110% in your abilities to be able to accomplish so much more than your current mindset has led you to believe thus far.

Let’s get you that business you really want. Let’s build the business around the kind of life you want to lead rather that fit your life in around your business!!

  • If you want more time with your husband/wife or kids, we can help you get that.
  • If you want more self-care time for yourself during your day, we can help you get that.
  • If you want to travel more, buy a bigger house, host your own retreat in a different country or you have a BIG DREAM (insert it here), WE CAN HELP YOU GET THAT.

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