How have YOU started off the ‘summer’? BBQs, graduations, parties and vacations? Whew… it’s been a busy month so far for FAMILY TIME.

Here’s a pic I snapped on Father’s Day, when we were out exploring a small town and fun nature paths nearby. But what’s funny is this is the best pic I could get of Riley’s FACE. 😣 OMG she hates getting her picture taken these days, and pulled her hat over her face and I’m laughing so hard because I literally had to grab her hat back at the same time Jason snapped the selfie.

I’m LOVING the family time I get these days… although I have a teenager, it’s nice when we do have fun together. I hope you’re having this much fun so far this summer too???

I’m even trying to make time for the not-so-happy stuff like my mom’s radiation treatments this week… 😪 If you can hold her in your thoughts for as pain and symptom free side effects and successful outcome, that would be awesome!

But if I had a job or was barely scraping by right now, I couldn’t do all that I’m doing… I’m very thankful and proud of what I’ve built and I want to help you do the same for you and your family life. 😍

Today I want to talk with you about your family… and freedom.

True FREEDOM in your business comes from getting to amount of revenue you NEED so that you don’t have to stress about taking time off or not worry about unplugging for the entire weekend.

Don’t get me wrong, occasionally I work a bit on the weekends, especially if it’s something I’m working on for upleveling my own business. It’s less and less often however as “the more I make”, the more it allows me this freedom.


Freedom to do the things YOU want to do more of, experience more of, learn more, BE more, etc. Whether you have kids in the household, grandkids, parents, or you’re free to fly the coop and travel whenever you want… this is for you!

“What do I have to DO to get to that level?” is often the question people/clients ask me. Heck, it’s the question I asked my coaches back in 2006-2009!

When I finally hit 6-figures at the end of 2008, I felt like I finally made it! But you know what? It wasn’t enough… the more you make the more ideas you can implement and the more tech, structure, systems, and team you need to make that happen. Seriously… it’s crazy.

In fact, I just raised my goal for this year, it wasn’t high enough. Plus, someone else I’m following right now talks about “Your Abundant Income” and once she talked through the basic equation, what I had set as my goal wasn’t enough.

Now, will I reach that goal this year? Who knows, but I know it’s possible… and all I can do is try.

But what I WON’T DO is work MORE hours to make it happen or give up my weekends on a consistent basis, or not sit with my family for dinner each night. Whatever it takes will have to be doing it around the kind of lifestyle I want to live. Period.

I’m designing this business around the kind of life I want to live, I WILL NOT fit my life in around my business – not anymore! But I’m not settling for lower income either… you CAN have both!

We might have to get MORE PRODUCTIVE, MORE FOCUSED, and MORE SELECTIVE with what (and who) we say yes to. I love a challenge and “IT’S ON!” I say… what do YOU say?

What will YOU do or how will you do things differently to go for YOUR Abundant Income if you’re in a place to scale your biz right now? What will you do differently if you’re still just trying to get to your first $100K year?

Doing it the SAME as you’ve always done might NOT be the best plan!

Instead… follow me, show up where I show up, learn from me and at my events and retreats, free webinars, free trainings, even when I speak at other people’s free events. I always give tons of value and direct, clear advice on what YOU need to do to grow quickly.
Katrina Sawa

Let’s make this YOUR BEST YEAR ever!

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