The 5 P’s to Bigger Sales Results

By Katrina Sawa, CEO of

One of the things that truly breaks my heart is seeing entrepreneurs go back and get a job or switch businesses because they one they tried to start up didn’t make enough money…

The roller coaster of cash flow really does suck. I know, I’ve been there many times in my 20+ years in my own business. As a marketer, however, I know how to keep the cash flow more consistent. Honestly, too many entrepreneurs don’t learn enough about marketing much less, get to a level of mastery with it. You have to embrace, love, and get really good at various types of marketing when you own your own business.

You can’t rely on word of mouth only, or online traffic to your website. You can however do less types of marketing, focus more on what YOU like to do more. As long as you do the right things in whichever marketing avenues you choose and you do them consistently, you can see bigger sales results.

Having a smooth-running, consistent moneymaking business requires more than just key marketing strategies…. There are 5 main areas that I look at when I work with business owners to determine WHY the money isn’t coming in consistently.

The 5 P’s to Bigger Sales Results are:

  1. Pricing
  2. Packaging
  3. Positioning
  4. Promoting
  5. Profiting

Let me break each one down for you and why it’s important:


The “right” pricing in your business can make or break your success. If you’re too cheap, your prospects may not trust that you know what you’re doing and not buy. If you “pre-judge” what you think “the market” is willing to pay for your programs, products and services you could price yourself also drastically too low. Never pre-judge, there will be people who will pay whatever rates you want to charge, you just have to keep talking to more people. There is no such thing as being “too expensive” either. If people are telling you that you’re too expensive then either you haven’t shown them enough value, they don’t see the value, they don’t trust you, they aren’t sure what the transformation is that they’d get, or they just aren’t your prospect!


I’ve had mentors who’ve said have high end programs, don’t worry about the low-cost stuff, just focus on those who want to invest big. Other mentors have said, focus on the low and get more quantity. I say do both. You want to have a MIX of packages and price points so you can catch more prospects wherever they are budget wise, or whether they want to just “try you out” first or jump into the deep end with you. If you don’t have a high-end program, guess, what? You’ll never sell one! So, if you’re in a business where people hire you for your expertise, have a high end program of some sort. But then you can also have a mid-level group perhaps to leverage your time, plus a lower end “try you out” type of offering…. Whichever you decide, you have to be clear on what these options are so that when you enter into a sales conversation, you know how to guide people to buy what is the best next step for them.


What you look like in person, online, on your website, on social media and even what you look like in your Zoom room, all matter 100%. You never know where you’ll find your next prospect, power partner, or referral source. You have to look professional and like the expert that you are at all times, everywhere. If you don’t make sure your positioning is professional, has a clear message, call to action and lots of proof that we can trust you then you’ll lose out on sales for sure. One of the biggest things I have to “fix” when I work with a business owner, is their website. Regardless if it’s brand new, with all the bells and whistles, or 10 years old… there are always a few things that need tweaking to position themselves better. Please get a few outside sets of “marketing-oriented” eyeballs on your website to make sure you’re not missing anything.


This is the marketing that I was referring to earlier… always be marketing. Please don’t ever stop. Even if you’re busy, have a full client load, keep up the marketing as you never know when one or more of your clients will drop off. You want to stay visible, relevant, consistent with whichever types of marketing you choose to do. Keep in mind that this also includes any advertising you also may want to do, online SEO marketing too for more organic traffic to your site, or publicity like getting on your local news station, magazine, podcasts and more. There are so many ways you can promote yourself these days, but most people only talk about social media and maybe email. Both of which are working less and less. Be careful putting all your eggs into one of these baskets, you’ll want to find other ways for more exposure, traffic, and sales.


Finally, you would think that this isn’t something you have to focus on, that if you focus on the other 4 areas, then the profit will come, right? Well, not always… if you aren’t really looking at the amount you’re spending each month on your marketing or to run your business verses the amount of revenue you bring in, then you may not have a lot of profit. Profiting more also has to do with your confidence in sales conversations, knowing your conversion ratio for sales made 1on1, from your site, referrals, speaking and more. Mastering the sales conversation, sales copywriting, sales from stage, as well as going after more leveraged ways to make bigger sales such as doing joint ventures and affiliate marketing, are all areas 95% of entrepreneurs need to constantly be honing their skills on.

The marketplace is changing rapidly and you have to evolve and change with it. If you think any of these 5 areas or a few of them could use some small or maybe big tweaks, then don’t wait. Get the help you need right now so you can see much bigger sales results all year long, starting now.


Want more in depth training around this topic? Go watch the replay of the webinar I did on this topic this year here.

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