The question I wanted to ask you today is:

Do you wish more people would buy your programs, products, and services?

Are you happy with the amount of customers or clients you have or do you want to help and serve a LOT more people?

I know, I want more people to buy the things I offer – coaching, events, mastermind, online trainings, books… 

But it’s not solely because it increases my bottom line. My main motivation these days is not because of the money whatsoever.

It’s because it breaks my heart to see so many people struggling to make a living with their own business doing the thing they absolutely love to do yet not seeing enough people buy their programs, products, and services.

  • Struggle to make enough for their family and to pay the bills every month.
  • Work 20, 30, or even 40 plus hours a week and when it all comes down to it you’re making $5 to $15 an hour if you calculate your sales divided by the number of hours you put in working in your business.

I literally can’t stand to see that.

  • Just like, if you’re a health coach it probably breaks your heart to see someone struggle with their weight, some kind of chronic pain or illness, and not have the motivation, desire, or tools to help themselves get the results they truly desire.
  • And if you’re a Network marketer with the perfect product that 100% of everybody needs, whatever that is, it breaks your heart for people not to listen to you when you’re trying to explain how amazing it is, or why it could change their life.

Whatever your business is or industry is if you’re reading these emails then I’m sure you’re a heart centered, loving individual. otherwise you would have unsubscribed a long time ago.

You deserve to more than just provide for your family. You deserve to succeed in a way that is beyond your own financial imagination.

Just as your potential clients deserve the results and transformation they would receive if they would just buy your programs, products, and services, right?

How can you get more people to BUY FROM YOU?

The answer could be as simple as these 3 simple steps:

1) Get in front of more potential prospects more often and in more ways

  • Stay in touch with everyone who already has agreed to receive info from you via email, text, mail, social media.
  • Get in front of NEW potential prospects every month via speaking, networking, reaching out online one-by-one, sharing good content too but let’s face it, when someone connects with you “personally” somehow, it’s faster for them to get to a call with you or it creates relationships faster so they trust you sooner and buy from you sooner. 
  • I recommend you play a game with yourself to see if you can get in front of more and more people every month.  Make it fun. Have a goal of 300, then 500 then 1000 new people every month (trust me, this is realistic)

2)  Make it EASIER for them to buy or get information from you

  • Have ways for people to click and pay right on your website perhaps
  • Have lots of free offers and “try me out ways” to get to know you, learn from you on your website with many free guides, checklists, video series and more. Get creative. Have different ways for them to engage (audio, video, written) and have different topics or problems you’re solving with those free gifts. 
  • Have an online scheduling system that you can give out on virtual calls to have them get booked right now instead of waiting until you email them to follow up 1-3 days later.

3)  And simply… ASK and make OFFERS.

  • You have to learn how to get more comfortable with this or do it differently so it feels good to you. Sales is service remember… having an amazingly helpful conversation with someone who likes and trusts you about your products, programs and services is easy when you just talk about what matters to them. Ask them questions, answer their questions and keep it easy. Be ok if they don’t buy, but show your passion about why it’s a perfect fit for them when they do.

Let’s make this YOUR BEST YEAR ever!

I know how to show you how to tweak what you’re doing to get really BIG RESULTS in 2021! 

Here’s to creating and enjoying a life full of lots of Love & Money!



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