This past week, I hired a new OBM (Online Business Manager) for my company and boy am I excited what things I’ll be able to get off my plate now! Now I have 3 fully capable people that do things regularly for me and I’m sooooo darn excited for the future. (Yes this is all of us yesterday on zoom.)

My team is also expediently working on building out my new website… we’re rebranding in the process we decided. Instead of just putting up a new but “same” website (since mine went down over a week ago in case you didn’t see the last couple emails), we’re doing it up right.

The new website is being built here, with new pages being added every day. Take a look!

The links you may have for aren’t working at the moment but we are going to try to forward them at some point. Regardless, there may be a few “extra emails” being sent out to those of you who have access to some of my programs, products, events and resources. I want to make sure you have the NEW LINKS for those things so you can continue to have access. So please pay attention and I’ll try to identify clearly in the subject lines what each email is for. Thank you for your patience!

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Here’s to creating and enjoying the business and life of your dreams!

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