6 Areas to Position Yourself as an Expert

6 Areas to Position Yourself as an Expert

Today I want to talk about something I’ve been discussing with my Live Big Mastermind clients a lot lately about; Expert Positioning.

Are you wondering why people may not be buying from you or reaching out to connect with you on your website or social media?

I hate to say this, but it could be that you just don’t look like an expert. I’m sorry to say this, and I don’t want you to get offended, but I see it all the time where people are trying to get clients and or high-end clients and they just don’t look the part.

Not that I look perfect everyday either frankly, but I do exude a professional appearance on calls, networking events, speaking gigs, my live events and live videos, and especially on my website and my social media profiles!

You must look the part. You must invest at least a little bit of money to make you look your best. That doesn’t have to mean thousands of dollars for new branding or lifestyle photos. That just means that you have a professional appearance from the outside looking in, the first impression is a huge deal.

That also means you probably shouldn’t be doing all of this yourself unless you are graphically inclined.

Here are 6 areas that I typically talk about in training calls, my live events, and with one-on-one clients when I see that someone needs to improve their expert positioning.

1) Your hair and makeup for video presentation or online appearances and especially in person events. Do you just do the same ol’? Or do you put some time into looking your best? And… your best online means MORE makeup frankly then you may wear OUT of the house! Yes, Zoom washes you out and you need to do more than normal. (You should see my makeup in person before I take a speaking gig online, I look ridiculous in person! But I look great online… are you washed out?)

2) Your clothing, wardrobe, and accessories. What you decide to put on your body is critical. And no, you don’t need to wear a suit or something super uncomfortable, you can still be very comfortable yet well put together. And even as a woman of size, which I am as well, there are perfectly good outfits and options for you, you just might not know where to shop. Most of my “heavy clothes” I bought off Amazon! There are tons of blouses that look way better than a t-shirt. Please, look for more appropriate clothing. And add accessories, even inexpensive jewelry can make or break an outfit online and in person!

3) Your website, your branding, and really the look and feel of your overall persona online. The color scheme needs to flow throughout your website, your social media profiles, your marketing materials, and even down to the images you create on your social media posts. You have to have a clear message on your site and profiles. People have to understand what you do and how you can help them. 95% of the entrepreneurs I talk with do not have a great presence online… they all need fixing and updating. Heck, I am ALWAYS working on my website design, my photography, images, branding and social presence. Website Designer

4) Your photos. When’s the last time you got a good headshot done? Nowadays people are taking lifestyle photoshoots. That means a photographer would take dozens of photos of you in various outfits in various outdoor and indoor environments and positions so that you can use those photos all over your website, the internet, social media, and influencer type of marketing. This is affordable and you can do it a minimum of 2 – 3 times a year these days. If you’re saying you “can’t afford this” then go sell more stuff because it is a must these days. If you have outdated or old photos or just ONE or two photos, you’ll get looked over and people will book those who “look more fresh and updated” these days. It shows your commitment to being fresh and relevant.

5) Your video stage. You’re not going to get away from doing videos these days. There is no way around it, and why would you? You want to be on video as much as humanly possible everywhere you possibly can put video you want to put it. Video allows you to connect with your audience, your followers, your email subscribers, and your clients on a deeper level without you even having to be there. It’s the most genius form of free marketing that is out there today and you really need to embrace it. Therefore, you need to look good on stage inside that video. Please don’t do videos from your bedroom, with horrible lighting where we can’t see your face, or while driving in your car with the phone shaking all around. You still need to be professional even though you can still be personal, and outdoors if need be but watch your video stage; have great sound and lighting, good makeup, and good background. Your background is where you can showcase your expertise! Do you have a book, a banner or something you can put behind you to showcase more? Don’t use a virtual background, most look cheesy and we just wonder what are you “hiding”. Get a professional background and get more visible.

6) Your marketing materials. Your marketing materials extends beyond your website and your social media profile images and graphics. It’s more than just a business card. If you plan on getting back in person in any format whatsoever from live events, conferences, networking events, speaking gigs, or sponsor booths you must have attractive looking marketing materials that flow with your overall brand and color scheme for your business. You want to make sure you don’t skimp on the design of this because you’ll look like an amateur. And that means don’t use Canva if you aren’t a graphic artist or you may look like an amateur or worse, really lame, if you don’t know how to put graphics and a cohesive marketing message/piece together. Use someone that knows how to showcase you as an expert!

Now, if you aren’t sure what to do to fix some of these areas or who to hire to help you get them in place for yourself so you look like the expert you know that you are, then reach out to me and I can give you some referrals or help you with much of this myself.

Don’t sit back and try to figure it out yourself, just ask.


If you want to find out how I can help you and what options you might have (there are many you know and yes you can afford it!), sign up to talk with me, I don’t bite! You might be pleasantly surprised at what we talk about on our call too because I always end up giving people clarity no matter what. I can’t help it.


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Katrina Sawa, The Jumpstart Your Biz Coach

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