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I thought I would share a jumpstart your biz tip with you about 13 Ways to Run a SALE!

Nothing gets people buying products or programs like a special promotion to your email subscribers. And, no, it’s not cheesy to have a sale, businesses have sales all the time. And, I know, you don’t want to discount your programs, products and services because they’re valuable at their retail rates.

But this can work if you need an influx of cash… that’s all I’m sayin’. And it works if you position it right. Here are 13 ideas to consider. Choose one that would work for your business and give it a try. What have you got to lose?

IMPORTANT: You’ll need to put some type of time limit on the offer to encourage folks to buy now and not later. It’s also better if you explain to your readers WHY you’re having the sale. You’re not Wal-Mart and you can’t just drop prices whenever you feel like it. Instead, give your prospects a reason. (Even a funny one — see tip 13!)

1. Close-out sale. Have inventory you want to get rid of? Making room for other products or new versions of products? Then offer the current version at a significant discount.

2. “Scratch and dent” sale. Have any books, old CDs or workbooks that were returned to you by customers? Offer them at a hearty discount for people who don’t mind i f they’re a bit worn. (Yes, some people still have this stuff!)

3. Half price sale. Knock off 50% from all your DIY products or courses, or select just one.

4. Coupon sale. Allow customers to enter a coupon or promo code to get a discount. (If you have a decent shopping cart program you should be able to set this up in seconds.)

5. Free shipping sale. Offer free shipping for a limited time. Or, upgrade folks to express shipping at no extra cost.

6. “We’ll finance it” sale. Offer a payment plan – this works great for higher priced items and programs. (Again, if you have a decent shopping cart program, you should be able to set up timed, recurring billing.)

7. Free 30-day trial. Get their credit card information at the time of order, but don’t charge them until the month is up. Another variation is the 30-day trial for $1 or $7. This is good for low-end memberships.

8. Pre-publication sale. Start taking orders before your product is even ready. (Seeing orders come in is also a great incentive for you to finally finish creating that product, course or book!)

9. VIP discount. Give a special offer to a certain group. Show your email subscribers, your clients, your speaking audiences, etc. that they’re special and sent a targeted email just to them.

10. Buy one get one free! Yes, this can even work for your online products, courses and services. The purchaser can give the extra copy to a colleague as a gift, or two people can split the cost and essentially get your product or service at half price.

11. Special bonus. Give something extra if people purchase before a certain date, a call with you, an extra download, or your book. (This is a great strategy to increase your sales without cutting your prices.)

12. Package discount. Offer a big discount if they order all your products/services or a select combination thereof.

13. Birthday s ale. Or any fun occasion… Valentine’s day, your anniversary, groundhog day, your dog just had puppies, your kid just lost his first tooth — have fun with it!

Many of these options work better if you already have a course or training to sell.  Or maybe you feel like your course or training needs an overhaul before you can offer it again.

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