How will you go into this year’s “Being”? How will you stay “Focused”?

A lot of folks pick a word for the year, a phrase, or a focus… Last year, mine was “Focus on What Matters.” Last year, I held a virtual summit with multiple speakers on this topic, in fact. Then, I also wrote a chapter in a book on this topic. This year, I plan to continue focusing on what matters to me, such as family, self-care, my own health, my teenager and giving her love and support to navigate life, as well as my business clients and friends, and even starting a local Polka Dot Powerhouse chapter here locally for more sisterhood!

This year my WORD is: ENGAGEMENT

Engagement with my clients more, prospects, followers on social media, affiliates, friends, colleagues, family, and more. I plan to go deeper and more private/personal; that is what’s working and feeding my soul right now, too. I’ve been reflecting on what’s going on in the marketplace, with the marketing strategies we’re using in general, and with what’s working and what isn’t.

And what’s working is ENGAGEMENT… both online and in-person, where you can actually feel someone’s energy and get up close and personal with them. It’s hard to fake authenticity in person, but you sure can via video!

Online engagement is more time-consuming than ever because just posting doesn’t work anymore—you know that, right?

That is unless you plan to put out thousands in ad dollars. It’s more one by one that gets the best results – private messaging, phone calls, texts, video sharing, commenting and even direct mail. Email marketing isn’t working as well as it used to either which is annoying as it’s so easy to do as a marketer.

But you might need to face the fact, that you have to do MORE these days to get noticed. You may have to reach less people on a deeper basis than go after the masses unless you’re willing to invest big time in ads or SEO. The people I’m talking to want connection too… so be careful listening to the online marketers still suggesting some old strategies that rarely work unless you have 30,000 or more subscribers and followers!

Frankly, I’d rather invest in direct mail to people I’ve met than in ads to people who have no idea who I am. What do you think?

I’m shifting my programs and offerings too this year… and keeping it more simple and still one-on-one focused… Of course, I have group programs, online $100 trainings, and masterminds, but do you know why, after 21+ years, I still focus on one-on-one (or small group retreats in person) the most? Because my clients—potentially you—need it! You need quick, customary, and direct advice, big ideas, efficient implementation, and either accountability or help to get it all done. That is what I see people needing most. And if you deny needing that, you could be fooling yourself, I’m sorry to say.

You don’t want cookie cutters or general types of coaching solutions and training, do you? YOU have to do things differently, too. Yep, it’s not the easy route you may have’signed up for’ when you became an entrepreneur… Only the truly dedicated and motivated will survive, I fear. And those who invest in wise counsel early on for each level of their journey.

I know it will all work out in the end, and I know I have a lot to give and that the right clients will see the value in having me work WITH THEM to achieve their big goals and dreams.

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Hopefully this gives you some NEW PERSPECTIVE! Happy ENGAGING!

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Katrina Sawa

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