This breaks my heart to see more than anything…

what does success mean to you

One of the things that keeps coming up in conversation over the last couple weeks is that newer entrepreneurs think they can just start up a business with a business card and they’re homemade website and they’re going to make $100,000 or more a year. 

There is so much more to know and learn and implement these days to run a successful consistent money making business, it’s ridiculous. 

I often give the comparison that if someone wanted to become a nurse they can’t just walk into a hospital and start poking people with needles. They have to go to nursing school for many years and pay tens of thousands of dollars to get a degree in nursing and then they have to go find a job.

Same thing if you wanted to become an attorney you would have to go to law school for many years and tens of thousands of dollars to learn what it takes to become an attorney and/or start a law practice and THEN you need to learn marketing, follow up and sales too!

But somehow, so many entrepreneurs think it’s not the same when they start their own business, because they’re smart, they can figure it out, right? 

And some may have a degree, possibly even a business degree or marketing degree or experience. But that doesn’t mean you know how to run a successful money making business I promise you. I have a business degree with marketing concentration and have worked in sales or marketing all my life and I still hired business coaches because I knew “I didn’t know what I didn’t know” and I wanted to get there FASTER. Money pays for speed…

Some may also invest in mentors, group programs, workshops, or listen to podcasts and read books.

But almost all of the time, unless you are working with somebody one-on-one or in a very small, tight-knit group, you are going to get general information not specific-to-your-business information.

For example, NOT every business owner needs to do social media. Not every one of them needs to do advertising. Not everyone needs to speak or write a book, or host a podcast, or hold events or do phone calls….

You are different from your entrepreneurial friends and even people that supposedly do the same thing as you. Your personality is different, your home-life is different, your financial situation is different, your goals are different, your tech skills are different, your self-confidence is different, your motivation is different, who you surround yourself with every week is different… each of these things needs to be taken into consideration when you are strategizing on what to do and how to grow your business!! 

Think about this for a minute… have the people whom you’ve worked with or bought from asked you about ALL of these things?? Do they understand the dynamic of YOUR LIFE and what you’re trying to build? If not, then why would you take advice from them? It doesn’t make sense that they would give you the right advice if they don’t know all about you and what you are trying to do and why.

You may also not get information about ” ALL THE THINGS”. Without someone guiding you throughout the first 3 to 5 years of your business to a certain extent, it will be really hard to build a high paying, high earning consistent money making business, no matter what the industry. You just don’t know what you don’t know!

It breaks my heart when I have a conversation with an entrepreneur who’s invested a decent amount of money, maybe $10k-$20,000 in courses, mentors or training, and they still don’t have a clue on what to do to build their business.

So much so, that I’m pulling back from doing a lot of joint venture events and commitments because some of the people just aren’t in it for the client they’re in it for the money. And I don’t want to surround myself with anyone NOT in it for the client anymore, I refuse.

I’m in it for the client. I do this because I want more passionate entrepreneurs to be making a lot more money doing what they love, enjoying their life in the process and making a difference in whatever way their heart desires.

There are too many gurus and selfish mentors out there that are only out for the money and if you can’t see through their BS then you’ll get taken.

Sometimes I feel like the best kept secret although I’m really not trying to keep myself secret lol.

If you truly are serious about getting your business to the next level and you know you’re going to be doing some sort of entrepreneurial endeavor in the next 5 to 20 years then it is 100% worth it to invest in a business coach like myself because regardless of what you’re doing today or what you end up doing 10 years from now you will know how to build a consistent money making business with it no matter what!

It all comes down to trusting yourself first.

  • You have to trust that you will follow through when or if held accountable.
  • You have to trust that you are an expert or will be with a little bit of training.
  • You have to trust that you can do this and you will succeed because you WANT it bad enough.
  • Then you have to trust, on a big level, someone like myself to show you the way and step by step take you through the process of doing it.

It’s a longer journey than most entrepreneurs think. You don’t just take a couple classes and then bam you’re a six figure success! That’s not a realistic expectation.

Please set realistic goals, invest in the right support to get you where you want to go and trust yourself.

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Katrina Sawa

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