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Have You Ever Wondered How to Truly Connect and Thrive in Today’s Marketplace?

I was on a call with these 5 amazing Live Big Mastermind clients recently and we were talking about WHAT MAKES PEOPLE LIKE, TRUST, & CONNECT with us.

What can we do, and how can we “be” in a way that lets people learn more about us, hear our stories, get to know us and feel our energy so that it makes them more connected, especially in that initial phase of getting to know us (yes, one sided, but still connected nonetheless)?

Are you having problems connecting with a LOT more potential prospects in this marketplace? What do I mean about this MARKETPLACE?

We came up with some conclusions about THIS MARKETPLACE.

1. The INFORMATION AGE is over. We’re in the IMPLEMENTATION AGE now and if you’re still seeking info, you’re way behind. You want to be focused on implementing what you’re learning and looking forward, not just continuing to learn and do more without putting what you’ve learned into action. And if that means hiring a “done for you” option because you’re not good at whatever it is, then do it. Don’t think you’re going to “get around” to doing whatever it is if it’s not something you know how to do or WANT to do.

You want to be hiring mentors and implementors, not necessarily taking more courses, or trainings. Most entrepreneurs can’t and won’t learn all they need to learn about all the different aspects of running a successful business – it’s humanly impossible. So stop trying to do this and expecting it all to happen in 6 months or less. If you’re an entrepreneur, you have to be in it for the long term, the end game. Only a VERY small percentage of folks find that “magic pill” to “get rich quick”. You want to take your focus OFF trying to find that (squirrel!) and instead, focus on true business building activities. You want to finish what you start, stay the course, trust in what you know people want, stop doubting yourself because someone is shaming you into thinking you’re not doing the right things.

2. What’s important is TRUST. People have to trust us obviously before they will buy or refer but are you providing enough of the proof, your own personal stories, your vulnerabilities in the lead generation, marketing and follow up tactics that you’re doing? Marketing is about relationship building, not funnels. It CAN be automated and one-way and still be very personal. Just BE you, be real, be authentic and share what you’ve got, who it’s for and why they should care.

3. Integrity is NOT implied with so many on the Internet… seek honest, caring people, not flashy, urgent offers or celebrity status fluff. THOSE who honestly CARE about you and what you do with the information they give you are the ones you want to pay attention to and who will give you what you need… People who want to give you their time, not just a course that may or may not solve your need. There are many good business models out there but nothing like that personal touch. Especially in the beginning stages of learning or doing anything… direct advice trumps random learning anytime. It’s faster and costs less in the long run.

4. Your expectations are unrealistic! Yes, we’re in the day of “an answer to anything is at your fingertips” but that won’t take the place of actual work and if you think it will, then you’re going to be sorely disappointed. The work you do in growing your business, writing that book (please don’t use AI for that dear God!), turning your health around, etc. doesn’t have to be hard and most likely it’s not going to be easy but it does have to come with realistic expectations. Losing weight doesn’t happen overnight, it’s a long, steady process to doing it right and keeping it off so that you can sustain for the rest of your life. Just as growing a business, getting to 6-figures or beyond, doesn’t happen overnight either although many claim it will. Stop listening to them, unsubscribe and stop the “clutter” coming from everyone. Follow those with proven, long-term, strategies instead of chasing the next big thing or jumping on a bandwagon.

5. Stay focused and stop squirreling. No, you don’t need to be on any new social platform that pops up (ie: Thrds). No, you don’t need to buy funnel software. No, you don’t need to learn how to build your own website. No, you don’t have to create a course. No, you don’t have to have a group on FB. No, you don’t have to _____ insert whatever you’ve been told lately here. What you WANT to do is stay focused on nurturing those relationships that you’ve started to build, then find more people to do the same with. Get back to the basics, stay focused and stop the bright shiny object syndrome. People want to know you care, that you’re honest, that they can trust you and they want to feel welcomed and comfortable with you. I’ll bet if you go deep into your heart, the answers are there.

Helpful?? This was inspired by some very amazing entrepreneurs I am so blessed to work with – some for over 7 years now! These ladies are
– trustworthy
– caring
– focused

And they only have your best interests at heart. They will share realistic expectations with you about what you can expect for results. They will go the extra mile for you every single time. They will be your biggest cheerleader with whatever it is you’re doing. And they will connect you with people in THEIR network (yes, for no additional upsell 😉).

👉 Dr. Erin Foley helps you navigate your hormones, health and weight loss.
👉 Shawna Champlin helps you with advancing in your career, job, life, and so much more.
👉 Barbara Ingrassia helps you from being sued by using AI content plus protects YOUR content from internet thieves.
👉 Angela Hall helps you maximize your technology, automation and gets you a website that works.
👉 Christine Campbell-Rapin helps you build an audience of buyers with a message that resonates with them.
👉 And I help you focus on what matters in order of importance so you can build a consistent moneymaking business doing what you love while making a difference.

Seek better mentors. Stop thinking it’s going to happen overnight. Have patience. Trust your gut. Set realistic but stretch goals. Stop avoiding the “hard work”. Believe in yourself and find those who will be your biggest fans to support you. You deserve to have your happiest life ever with more love, money, and the lifestyle of your dreams.

I’d love to hear what YOU might be thinking about “THIS MARKETPLACE” we’re in right now?? Comment below or reach out to us!

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