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What is the The International Speaker Network (ISN)?

The International Speaker Network (ISN) is a great place for authors, experts, trainers, coaches, consultants, entrepreneurs, business professionals and professional speakers to network, share resources and exchange ideas. Whether you are an experienced speaker or you’re just getting started. We invite you to join us to network, learn, share resources and find speaking opportunities. We meet monthly via Zoom and it’s free.

How can you benefit from the International Speaker Network?

The International Speaker Network focuses on the business of speaking and monetizing your speaking engagements. The majority of our members consist of business professionals, speakers, authors, and aspiring authors. As a result, we all benefit by sharing resources, discussing strategies to generate more business and speaking engagements. We also network and build new relationships within the group–all while learning advanced business skills.

You don’t wanna miss our July meeting on July 6!

Our next ISN Networking Meeting will take place from 1-3 pm PDT. All our members, budding speakers, and speaker bookers are all encouraged to attend and share their expertise, what they speak on, express their search for guest speakers, and much more!

We will have breakouts, intentional networking activities and opportunities for everyone to share. We will also give you updates on the ISN call for speaker opportunities, share best practices on getting booked, speaking and monetizing the business of speaking.

Our meetings generate a lot of energy and ideas so you want to come prepared with a notebook in hand. Moreover, please note that you will be participating in a live video session with us, be prepared to turn on your camera.

When you join the International Speaker Network, you will receive the following bonuses:

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You will get instant access to a 1-Hour Jumpstart Yourself as a Speaker MP3 Audio Training!

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Email us short blurbs about your  speaking gigs and we will share it with over 3,500 members worldwide.

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Our Official Members get discounted access and first opportunities to speak at our International Speaker Conference& Summits that happen every year! 

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