Yep, I’m calling you out right now, those of you who don’t PLAY very often… 

A couple weeks ago I talked about this a little when I asked what you have planned for Summer, right?

So what have you done about it?

Did you schedule a vacation or at least a 3-day getaway?

This past week I had 7 clients come to my home and do a deep dive mastermind, we did a photo shoot too where they get to keep all their photos (I paid) plus we went to an Escape Room… it was soooo fun! (and highly productive)

And one of the things that came up on the last day was HOW?

How will we/they get the things done that they proclaimed they wanted to. How will they make time for new ventures, offerings and ideas?

Well, one way is to plot out CEO days on your calendar every month.

In the beginning, you can use those days to “catch up” if you need to, but do the work ON the business during those days, the things that are on YOUR to do list, not your client’s.

And they need to be uninterrupted days too. Some were saying they would go rent a hotel room and unplug from social and their phone so they could concentrate.

Others who had more established businesses wanted to use that CEO day as a spa day or turn it into a 3-day getaway.

Whatever you need, you NEED to do!

In fact, I just got off Zoom where I gave a talk to a dozen or so women (some entrepreneurs, some employees) on the topic of: Putting Yourself First

On that talk, I told my story of leaving my first marriage because my “starter husband” wasn’t that supportive of me doing my own business. He was a naysayer and toxic to my entrepreneurial energy. I had to have faith that it would all work out in the end so I could leave and go out on my own.

I spoke about how I continue to set new boundaries for myself and in my business – some that I need to stick to (like saying yes too many times when I shouldn’t) and some that give me more freedom to do the business and life the way I want (like reducing the number of hours on my online scheduler to when I really want to be working).

You can do these things too, you just have to have faith in yourself and believe that you’re worth it and deserve it.

You may also have to have HARD conversations with loved ones or clients (or those who should never have become your client because the undervalue you!).

Why am I suggesting you PLAY?

Because the majority of the entrepreneurs I talk to and see on networking calls are NOT playing. In fact, they’re pretty darn overwhelmed and stressed.

If that is NOT you then fantastic! Play on!

But if it IS you, then what are you going to do about it?

What if I told you that you are LOSING BUSINESS because you are taking on too much and NOT making time for your own stuff (website, marketing, follow up, speaking, admin, bookkeeping, etc.)???

Yep, I can almost guarantee this without even knowing which of you are reading this… challenge me and I’ll show you!

What is ONE thing you can do today to get yourself on the road to more fun, freedom and alignment with your true values and core desires?

I’d love to hear!

Want a 1on1 call with me to discuss what you need to do or what’s going on and how you can do things differently? I can share on this one call I know it… I’m very intuitive and I see these things all the time…hopefully you’re open to listening??  Sign up here.

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Here’s to creating and enjoying a life full of lots of Love & Money!


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Dr. Heather Tucker

Founder & Ceo,

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