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Thank you for clicking over from the eWomenNetwork Gifted Wisdom Program – I’m excited for you to have this additional information!

I’ve been so blessed by being a part of this organization ever since I started my business in 2002. Finding eWomenNetwork early on in my career really helped me grow, learn and transform into the successful and profitable business and businesswoman that I am today. I’m proud to be able to give back in any way that I can to you, a non-profit with heart and a big mission, as well as to the other entrepreneurs that I serve on a regular basis with my coaching, live training events, online trainings and products and my speaking.

I wanted to give you some ADDITIONAL TRAININGS that only you will have access because you took part in the Gifted Wisdom Program of which I was a part of.

As you recall, my Gifted Wisdom Training was all about Online & Offline Fundraising.

To me, this is all about the lead generation, marketing, follow up and sales strategies that you want to put in your business/non-profit so they run like a smooth-running machine. It involves using the right technology to reach and connect with more people, as well as the right systems and processes to make it more efficient for you and your team, staff or volunteers.


Below are a couple EXTRA TRAININGS that I thought would be helpful for you to have. Now, they were initially developed for the entrepreneurs that I serve but they will work for you too since everything you do is about building more relationships; these are all about building and cultivating more relationships with prospects, referral sources and people who can support you and your cause.

Love Yourself Successful Audio Training

Jumpstart Your Marketing Follow Up Audio Training

Learn how to stop avoiding your follow up on this 60 minute training call.  Finally get a simple follow up system in place to make more sales from your live events, networking and speaking opportunities! This also helps you to follow up from social media leads, new members to your group online or membership and more. You are getting access right now just download below…

Love Yourself Successful Audio Training

Jumpstart Your Marketing Follow Up Flow Chart

Follow Up Flowchart. This is the visual for the process and “what to send” for your follow up in email, phone, direct mail and social media – the 4 types of follow up you want to do from EVERY EVENT in person or EVERYONE you meet online if you’re looking to build your list and get clients or other opportunities to speak or joint venture. Listen to the audio for how this works.

Website Success Secrets Audio Training

Learn the 17 must haves you want to be doing on your website. Websites are the #1 thing I need to help entrepreneurs FIX immediately when they come to me because you just don’t know what you don’t know about maximizing your website. Listen to this audio to learn what needs to change on YOUR website to get more clients!

Jumpstart Your Team – How to Hire a Virtual Assistant, Build Your Team eBook & Checklist!

This is a very comprehensive checklist on what you can delegate to take more off your plate as well as how to find the right people, volunteers, how to hire, and train. I’ve learned a LOT about hiring independent contractors in my business and I share a ton of great ideas and info for someone who’s new to delegating in this ebook.

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Complimentary Jumpstart Session

Do you have questions about how to jumpstart your business quickly? Want to get 3-5 ideas or quick tips on how to generate more revenue fast? Sign up TODAY to come talk with me, I don’t bite but I very well may help you on this ONE CALL!

International Speaker Network

This is a Free Networking and Connection group for speakers and those of you who know you NEED to be speaking to GROW your business. There are twice monthly meetings on Zoom, a Facebook group, Meetup group and opportunities to speak as well. Just get registered today and show up!

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Whether you’re wanting to learn more about how to start up a new business, grow the one you’ve got or really up level your business into a smooth-running, much more profitable and productive company where you don’t have to work so hard at it, check out my products, programs and books page for options to get you started on your own.

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