Event Resources

Welcome over from the event or program!

This page has your extra bonus downloads and templates – I would highly recommend you look below and print out or save a LOT of these, they can really help you from having to recreate the wheel in your marketing and more.


Kat's Speaker Sheet Example

Kat’s speaker sheet PDF was developed in Word. I keep it in Word and send via email to promoters to choose topics and get info needed to promote my talks. It’s usually all that a I need besides a separate high resolution headshot. This has a lot more info in it than you may need but you can add as you get it if you want.

Access Here

Kat's Client's Speaker Sheet

View this professionally designed full color, glossy speaker sheet as an example. (Designed by Kat’s Live Big Mastermind client, Alicia White with SpeakerSheets.com)Access Here

Speaker Sheet Checklist

What to include on your speaker sheet.Access Here

Sales Conversation Cheat Sheet

Use this cheat sheet to help you navigate sales conversations that you’ll have with prospects, especially with higher end programs and services.Access Here

Marketing Checklist

List of revenue generating activities you can do every month – print this out and look at it often!Access Here

Follow Up Marketing Flowchart

Overview of what you want to do after every live event for follow up whether you spoke or attended.Access Here

Website Checklist

Use this to evaluate your current website, designer or use as a guide to design your new site, what you need for best functionality and conversions.Access Here

Need Number Worksheet

Use this worksheet to actually see how much money you need to make in the first place – don’t discount this, I’ll bet it’s more than you’re thinking!Access Here

Podcast Start Up Worksheet

Great worksheet to get you started developing your own podcast or radio show. Access Here

Tip Sheet Example + Great Checklist for Table Displays

I call them tradeshows, but however you slice it. This is a good checklist for attending or speaking at any event. It’s also a good example of a one page tip sheet you can print out on colored paper and give out on your table display. Access Here


Basic Speaker Sheet Template

Two pages in Word, somewhere to start. Access Here

PowerPoint Template - Sell or Not

One of my most recent PowerPoints where I was not supposed to make an offer but when I got there, it was ok to do a quick mention of it so I designed this presentation to either end on slide 47 with free resources OR to be able to keep going and make an Easy Yes Offer for $197. Access Here

Order form in Word with ONE Offer

Easy Yes Offer form with downgrade for freebies if they don’t want to buy. Access Here

Launch Sequencing Template

Want to know when to launch what and how long you need to promote something like an event, product, webinar and more? Check out this detailed, interactive spreadsheet to help guide you. Access Here

Tip Sheet for Table Display or Giveaway/Freebie

This is an example handout for your table displays, networking events or an example of an easy free giveaway in person or online. Something simple like this people will want and use. Access Here

Order Form with ONE Big Offer in PPT

This template was done in PowerPoint, one page order form with one big offer and lots of components.Access Here

Blank Product Funnel

Print this out and list your products, programs, services and pricing on here so you can see at a glance what you’re selling at all times. It will help give you confidence and clarity and make it easier for people to buy. Access Here

Social Media Messaging Templates

Kat’s social media messaging templates should not be used without proper training as there are many other factors and things you need to know so you don’t get shut down for example on Facebook. They are a huge source of leads however and you do want to use this strategy, just learn how to apply it most effectively and it will help you. Access Here

Follow Up Email Guide + Templates

Quick guide for writing your follow up emails after a live event or speaking gig. Please only use these if you understand the concepts of Auto Add and Not Auto Add, otherwise get more follow up marketing training first from Kat.Access Here

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 I had no idea, and I am so fortunate that I stumbled into Katrina Sawa! She spelled out exactly what I needed to do, step by step, and supported me along the way. – Miranda Mathewson, Fitness Coach, New Jersey

“Katrina has taught me marketing strategies that WORK!”

In just a few months, I implemented a long over-due email campaign, created new products, sold new services and made connections with more clients than ever before. – Alicia White, Branding Strategist, Texas