What’s Your Next Step?

 What Are Your Next Steps?

You do have a few options for “Next Steps” depending on where you are now in your business and how fast you want to get to the next level…. here are a few I can help you with!



Don’t sit in “indecision” or “overwhelm”
about them, just come have a discussion with me after the event and we’ll brainstorm and pick the right option for you ok?


Whether you’re in the first few years of your business and you still need to generate a lot more leads, clients and income regularly, whether you have a website or not or know what you’re doing in your business fully or not, I can help you get more of everything in place so you can enjoy a smoother, more consistent moneymaking business SOONER than later if you START SOMEWHERE NOW:

1)  Live Big Mastermind Annual Program (if you want ALL of the BELOW + Unlimited 1on1 Calls w/ me, then THIS is honestly your best bang for your buck – you get everything and every learning style – 1on1, group calls, masterminding calls with the group as well as in person masterminds. You get all my live and pre-recorded trainings, events, resources, templates, and you can bring a significant other for free! $25,000 is the regular price for year one, year two is less than HALF that, it’s $12,000 and year three is even less at $9,000. I do this because you need a LOT more 1on1 with me in the first couple years, trust me and it’s very time consuming for me to offer UNLIMITED calls, but I do it because THAT’S WHAT 99% OF PEOPLE NEED. When you enroll for 3 years you can receive a generous discount plus reduce your monthly payments significantly! I can create a 36-month payment plan or other… it’s tailored to YOU. Learn more here.

2) VIP 1on1 Coaching with Kat If you want a personal, walk you through what you need to do and how to do it journey and you are either too busy for group work or don’t need the comraderie of a group or extra DIY trainings then you could consider the following 1on1 coaching options (You will need to schedule a 1on1 call with Kat to discuss options.)

  • 6 months for $12,000 – 2 calls/mo – Bonus just for this event, you can write a chapter in the Jumpstart Your ____ book AND get FREE access to a 3-Day Mastermind in 2023.
  • VIP Day with me that you can book in person or virtually anytime, regularly $5,000.

**The  1on1 options and the Live Big Mastermind have to be booked on our 1on1 call because I have to make sure you’re a good fit for me just as you have to make sure I’m a good fit for you!

3)  1, 2 or 3 Day Masterminds (if you want A TASTE of what it’s like to be in my mastermind or any mastermind really… (I’ve been in 8 or so myself you know!) then these events are for you. They run $497 – $2,000 Learn more about upcoming events and secure your spot!

4) Get a SUPER SPECIAL DEAL on ALL of my current online trainings for just $397 and go DIY learn it all and implement. Click here to see what the trainings are. Click here to invest in this option.

5) Become an Author in the Jumpstart Your ____ Book. Write just one chapter and become a best-selling author this year! All 12 Amazon launches I’ve done so far have actually gone INTERNATIONAL Best Seller. I coach you through the process of writing your chapter, marketing, putting webpages up and more. Learn more and secure your spot and topic before someone else snatches it up.

After this event… you have to decide. This event will not be all you need. You have to trust, decide and perhaps leap out into faith even if it scares you…to give yourself permission to VALUE yourself and what you truly need in order to build the business and life of your dreams!

Jumpstart Your Networking

Book a 30 Minute Next Step Clarity Session with me, right now, Today!

Do You Have More Questions? Come Talk with me to discuss all the options you have right away! Why would you wait? If you liked what I shared in this event, then coaching with me in some way is your NEXT STEP. (No matter what your budget, we’ll find a way.)

“I believe you need to build your business the right way from the start if you’re really SERIOUS and want to make a LOT more MONEY doing what you LOVE!” – Katrina Sawa

Taking Action in Complete Faith

When I first started my business, I was trading hour for dollar with clients in a typical marketing consulting business. I had some clients on retainer and some just paid me when they needed me. All of my income however depended on how many hours I worked. Can you relate?

Obviously with that type of business model it was hard to get ahead (or take a vacation!), even with raising my rates every so often.

Plus, in addition to that, I was living in an unhappy marriage with a husband who wasn’t very supportive of me being an entrepreneur. He was always worried about the roller coaster of income and he would worry when I wanted to invest money back into my business which I knew I needed to do to learn and grow.

Not too supportive huh? That’s where the concepts for my book, Love Yourself Successful, came from. I learned soon after that so many of my clients were going through the same lack of support in their lives as well.

My hope is that this DOESN’T sound familiar to you but I do unfortunately see this all the time with my coaching clients and it literally breaks my heart. I stopped settling and broke free of that marriage in 2005 and have increased my business every year since.

Now I live the life of my dreams!

I have a business that I’m passionate about, helping other entrepreneurs make money doing what they’re passionate about. I am married to a man who adores me and who is the perfect fit for me. He and his beautiful little daughter light up my life and are now my “big why”.

But it wasn’t such an easy road for the three of us, 6 months after we started dating I discovered that I had to have two total hip replacements done – big surgeries that I did both in 2013. After I got up and running after that second one, he was diagnosed with cancer that he beat thankfully but it was not an easy 2014 either!

In those two years it really solidified in my mind the crucial aspect of having systems in your business! If I hadn’t had a small team of people plus massive systems for lead generation, marketing, follow up and sales I would have lost about half my income for about an 18 month period.

This is important for you to read (and most importantly to ‘hear’) because if you’re still trading hours for dollars, or still working in a job that you hate or feel like there’s more to life than what you’re living now even if you’re already in your own business….then YOU’RE RIGHT! You could be SETTLING!

Let me help you and show you how to transform your life, your new business or even your existing business into a smooth-running, PROFITABLE and SUSTAINABLE business doing what you ABSOLUTELY LOVE to do!!