Why & How to Get Published & Become an Author

I PROMISE this info call will help you get CLEAR & FOCUSED about whether or not you SHOULD write a book, what kind, when and how no matter when you go through this! The steps I walk you through is what’s working and best practices right now.

This call was recorded live with a small group of entrepreneurs and authors. We talked all about the process of writing and publishing and I answered a ton of questions that YOU probably have also. Go sign up to watch it!

My goal for this call is to get you inspired to become an author sooner than later and to share a lot of the ways you CAN publish a printed book (or ebook to start). There is a LOT to know and many price points to consider when publishing. I’ve learned a LOT about this over the last 10 years or so and the 11 books that I’ve been a part of or published myself.

On this book publishing info call I share how to do this so you can also make massive impact and revenue doing it.

Questions you might have…


  • What type of book to write
  • How to get started writing
  • How to tell your story
  • How the book is going to help you grow your business
  • What kinds of things you need to know about publishing
  • What are the costs involved