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Pricing for Profits Bundle

So many clients always ask me “what should I charge” for this or that program/offering, etc. And so many of them start out with the WRONG PRICING! Don’t do this just because you’re new, or because you can’t see what’s possible, or you aren’t sure what people will pay…

Access this 90-min video training and learn:

  • The 5 types of offerings you want to have in your funnel.
  • How to ‘crunch the numbers’ so you can truly see the real value of what you’re doing and providing.
  • How to sell high end programs, retreats, masterminds, and more because YES you can but there are significant aspects of these that make them sellable and you need to know what these are
  • When to offer what to which type of prospect, audience, group, etc. Too many people I see offering high end in the wrong situations and low end in the wrong scenarios too… let me give you a guide on how to be confident around all of this.

PLUS, just to make sure you’ve chosen the right pricing that will work for you to hit your big money goals, I’m giving you a 15-min laser coaching session 1on1 with me to solidify and validate what you’re thinking…

I’m very good at helping people determine how to price and package your offerings along with increasing your confidence to charge higher rates and fees! You’ll get a ton out of this session even if it is just 15 min, we work quickly and it’s all recorded for you to listen back to. Often times I give you the WORDS to use to sell your stuff too to make it super easy! You definitely want to take advantage of this call alongside the training… even if you have other coaches and mentors. No one teaches everything that I do!

Just about every question you might have regarding this how to price or package your programs, offerings, and services especially have been asked and answered on this training. It’s a very detailed how-to training and can help anyone in any business. 


What They Say

“In just two phone calls, Katrina Sawa provided me with tips that will change my business.” – Alicia White, Back of the Room Productions

“Katrina always goes above and beyond with her knowledge, resources and inspiration!” – Mishele Vieira, Away With Chaos

“Katrina takes you through everything you need to know.” – Barbara Ingrassia,

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Katrina Sawa

Katrina Sawa is known as The JumpStart Your Biz Coach because she literally kicks her clients and their businesses into high gear.  She works with highly motivated women entrepreneurs (and a few men!) who want to maximize and fast-track their business to make more money and enjoy more free time. Watch this short video to get a better understanding of what Katrina does for her clients. Jumpstart Your Business Now with Katrina Sawa!

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