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We can’t just focus on our businesses and getting clients these days to see massive monetary results. We need balance, self-care, love and support from those in our life, otherwise we don’t end up doing all the things necessary to make the money! I call this “The Love Factor” and the “love side” of your life could be out of alignment and affecting your ability to make money. This Love Yourself Successful Audio Training will walk you through the 4 Types of Love you want to focus on to make more money! And if you’re looking for love, you’ll get access to my Online Dating program too!

Building your business into a smooth-running, consistent income-generating machine these days takes the implementation of many business, mindset, and marketing strategies. Some of which are basic and foundational in nature such as professional branding, website and positioning, backend systems, database and more. You may need to tweak or shift what you’re doing to stay in business or open up and learn these new skills required to sustain yourself and thrive. This package will give you a variety of tools to support many of these necessary areas in your business.


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Lisa Condon

Shifting Your Business with a Goals & Gratitude Journal


Aligning your business and goals with your values and building it on a foundation of gratitude impacts your bottom line. When you schedule a 15-minute call with me you will receive your Goals & Gratitude Journal and I will walk you through how to start your GRATITUDE journey.

Sustained Joy has multiple dimensions – come on this journey with me!

Agnes Loughlin, Joy Facilitator

Free Giveaway to Get More Joy, Love & Connection in Your Life!


There is more for you! Evolving into Joy starts inside of you with your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, decisions, choices. Get support from someone who has experienced and overcome that disconnected feeling, from extreme introvert to someone who now has very deep and meaningful relationships. Evolve your mind and create thoughts, beliefs, and actions to grow your awareness, intuition, and vision. Expand into a healthy, vibrant body, more loving, and deep relationships and/or expand your career or the creative expressions that fulfill you.

Sustained Joy has multiple dimensions – come on this journey with me!


Colleen Biggs, Peak Performance Coach, Speaker, Author, & Community Leader

7 strategies for immediate exposure to increase your net worth


We all crave more exposure. And believe it or not, your network is your net worth. Who are the 5 people you surround yourself with the most? As promised here is access to some valuable free resources to empower you to expand your influence and attract more clients by getting immediate exposure.

The freebies include:


  • Interviews with 11 experts that will bring their best advice to assist you in expanding your influence through their industry expertise
  • 7 ways to be seen, be heard and be visible to attract the right clients
  • Free Invite for the ladies to the next monthly Networking Lunch-N-Learn
  • Free 30-min Spotlight Strategy Call with Colleen Biggs
  • 10-step training on how to become an expert speaker

Christine Campbell Rapin, Business Success Coach and Lifestyle Strategist

How to Make Impactful First Impressions: Your Essential Toolkit


First impressions in business can often make or break your long-term success and yet how intentional are you about crafting a powerful first impression? Your first impression needs to capture your audience’s interest, showcase your credibility and directly link how what you offer is the solution they have been looking that will help them bridge where they are now to where they want to. Without an effective strategy, potential clients may be walking right past your offering which is directly hurting your bottom line. In this essential toolkit you will have access to a live (virtual) small group workshop focused on how to Master Your Networking Infomercial: Use Storytelling To Stand Out From The Sea of Sameness and a training video with 5 Hacks for Showing Up Confident on Stage or Screen in 10 Minutes or Less.

Jennifer Darling

Sales & Marketing Strategic Planning Guide


Are you ready to have an amazing 2023??!! Would you like to add more $$ to your bottom line? If that’s you, then you need a solid sales & marketing gameplan. Many small business owners struggle with setting effective goals and planning for sales & marketing. They know they want to have a strategic plan, but not sure how to create one (and stick to it).

In this Sales & Marketing Strategic Planning Guide, you’ll get a successful framework for developing your plan. You’ll get steps for outlining your goals and strategies to give you a jumpstart on your planning so you can design your best year ever.


Dr. Erin Foley

Jumpstart Your Hormones Now Package


Your hormones are the key to feeling good, balancing your blood sugar, stress, energy levels and even weight loss. If you’re not focusing on supporting your hormones regularly, then your body could be dangerously out of whack. Learn from functional medicine practitioner, Dr. Erin Foley. She is a master at determining what is wrong and how to fix it when it comes to your hormones and more. Sign up and get access to two of Dr. Erin’s trainings about hormones and mindset and hormones and pleasure (oh yes ladies!) along with her ebook: 5 Steps for Women to Have More Energy After 40! 

Amber Trail, HR Consultant & HR Business Mentor

Change Your Life eJournal


When we are intentional about our life, we begin to make changes that will positively affect us, everyone around us and our daily lives. Defining your purpose in this world, reflecting on who you are and want to be, focusing on gratitude, goals and self-care will provide the power you need to release your inner coach to its full potential. Get your e-journal now!

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