Will You Please Support My Next Book,
Jumpstart Your _______, Vol IV?

The other authors and I could use your support to SHARE the book out on social and email and BUY THE BOOK too on launch day which will be October 26, 2021!

We’re Going for International Best-Seller! Will You Help?

YOU Fill in the Blank with the thing YOU do with YOUR clients. Use this book as a MARKETING TOOL to get leads and grow your business.

As you know, to get a book out to the masses, it takes a lot of work…especially a book with a dozen or so different authors! This is a great book for anyone who wants to know how to jumpstart any area of your life, health, business, career, spirituality, mindset, motivation and so much more!

Where you can help us is:

1.  This is really all I’m asking for… Please commit to going onto Amazon the day we launch (Tentatively scheduled for October 26, 2021, but I’ll email you the actual date once we get closer and send you reminders) and buy the book (The ebook will only be $.99 on Kindle and regardless if you have a Kindle or not, you can read the book on other devices. We just need you to buy it on Kindle that day to qualify for the launch sales to hit best-seller.). Please fill in the form to the right so I can remind you and give you all the marketing copy you’ll need to do this. I promise I’ll make it SUPER EASY to do so it doesn’t take much of your time.

2.  If you feel called to, you can also SHARE the book launch to YOUR people over on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or whatever social sites you love (I’ll give you all the marketing copy and images). 

3.  You can do a dedicated email for us to share the launch too if you’re really able to support the book and know this is a great match for your followers and clients.

4.  If you have a radio show, podcast, TV show, Facebook live show or any other way to get the word out virtually and want to invite me on as a guest (or any of the authors), I’d love to schedule that in anytime from now through the beginning of next year is fine too!