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Thank you for picking up a copy of my book, I really appreciate your support. Most of all I wish you huge success and happiness on your journey!
One thing I recommend as you are reading this book, Love Yourself Successful, is to grab a journal or some sort of notebook online or offline to write down your thoughts and ideas from each chapter of the book.
There is a lot to think about and possibly shift in your life during and after you work through this book so I hope you take the extra time to do the work you need to so you can get where you want to go faster.
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Free Downloads plus other items noted in the Action Steps of the book:

Love & Money Vision Board Template – print this out, fill it in and post in your office! – click here

Love & Money Business Blueprint – print this out and post in your office to remind you of what to implement for a smooth-running business – click here

The Oprah Story Video from Chapter 11 – click here to read the blog post and watch the video now

Video of Kat Explaining the Love & Money Business System – click here to watch it now

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Reminder of the 4 types of Love:

Love for yourself first and foremost

  • Do you take care of yourself, your needs, your desires and passions or do you ignore them often and help others instead?
  • Do you treat yourself with the respect and honor you treat others?
  • Do you reward yourself for what you have accomplished or criticize yourself for what’s still not done yet?
  • Do you say negative things to yourself daily like “I feel fat”, “I wish I could lose some weight”, “who would want to date me”, “who’s going to pay for my service/product” or worse?

Love for others and everyone around you

  • How do you show people love daily?
  • Do you think about how to exude love daily or what that would mean for others to experience?
  • Do you treat others like you want to be treated or do you judge them, criticize them and talk down to them every so often (sometimes even without knowing you’re doing it?)

Love for your big vision and goals

  • Are you appreciating yourself enough and charging what you’re worth?
    • Are you allowing yourself to plan for the future and work ON your business rather than just IN it all the time?
    • Are you successfully marketing to build and grow your business?
    • Are you reaching for more, stretching yourself to new limits or even taking leaps of faith pretty regularly?
    • Are you strategizing on your overall big vision daily?
    • Do you allow yourself to dream and dream BIG?

Passionate and deep love with a significant other

  • Do you really have this now? Really????
  • Do you want it (either with your current significant other or ideal mate)?
  • Are you not sure how to get it?
  • Are you wondering if the one you’re with will ever come around and support you?
  • Are you wondering if your Mr. Right is out there or if you should just settle?
  • Are you afraid to ask for what you really want?
  • Are you unsure of what to ask for? Or do you have “A man is not a plan” syndrome and in total denial that being in love means anything to you?

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