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This BRAND NEW Training Series Was Free When It Was LIVE, Calls Are Each Now $27 on Replay & Totally Worth It – Enjoy!!

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Authentically “Speaking”: 

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Come to this class and learn:


  • How to be more authentic with everything you do
  • How to shine in your glory, while sharing your mess
  • How to tell a story that sells
  • How to speak and sell without really selling
  • How to get people to want more from you, from the first impression

Attracting Clients: Buy Now $27

So many clients always ask me “where do I go to get clients”?Times have definitely changed and if you haven’t changed with it or with what YOU’RE doing then you’re probably missing out on a lot of opportunities to gain clients. 

Come to this class and learn:

    • The single most important thing you need to do to get your prospect’s attention 
    • The 3 Types of Marketing all businesses should do
    • How to know what to STOP DOING most importantly 
    • How to automate a LOT of what you’re doing in better, more efficient systems, more affordably than others might be suggesting. 

Pricing for Profits: Buy Now $27

So many clients always ask me “what should I charge” for this or that and pricing can be very subjective but nearly no one I speak with is actually ever charging as much as they could.

Get Access to this class and learn:

    • The 5 types of offerings you want to have in your funnel.
    • How to ‘crunch the numbers’ so you can truly see the real value of what you’re doing and providing.
    • How to sell high end programs, retreats, masterminds, and more because YES you can but there are significant aspects of these that make them sellable and you need to know what these are
    • When to offer what to which type of prospect, audience, group, etc. Too many people I see offering high end in the wrong situations and low end in the wrong scenarios too… let me give you a guide on how to be confident around all of this.
Delegating for Freedom: Buy Now $27

Come to this class and learn:

    • Where to find your first VA
    • How to grow your team efficiently and affordably
    • How to start delegating with ease so stuff gets done and it’s worth your investment
    • How to develop your delegating task list 
    • Tips for managing and training your team that take less time and effort

Creating Courses & Trainings:

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Come to this call and learn:

  • What you can add into your course/training to add a lot more value but not take up more of your time
  • What platforms to put your courses on or hold your trainings on (it may not be what you think AND you could save a whole lot of money!)
  • Launch strategies
  • Retainment, engagement and follow up strategies


Technology & Systems: Buy Now $27 

Want to learn which software & systems will allow you more freedom from being more efficient & productive? Or which will make it easier for people to buy from you or get info?

Get Access to this class and learn:

    • How to automate just about everything you do in your marketing and sales process so you can reach 5x the amount of potential prospects every month (hint: which is most likely what you need to do in order to finally reach your money goals!)
    • The Pros and Cons of many of the common techy tools out there right now, some that major players in the online world highly recommend even (and why you want to stay away from them!)
    • What are techy musts and what you can wait on or implement in phases based on what you’re selling or doing in your business.  


Grab One of My Books!

These books will teach you everything you need to know to become a smooth-running, moneymaking business machine!

In the Jumpstart Your Biz Now book I talk about business models, marketing, pricing, networking, sales, follow up, speaking, your websites, social media, video marketing and everything online and techy marketing too. I give you tips on how to be more efficient and productive so you can become more consistently profitable. There is a lot to learn as an entrepreneur and if you don’t at least know the basics it will be very hard for you to start making a lot more money doing what you love.

Even if you’ve been in business for a while, my experience is that even most seasoned business owners are NOT earning consistent revenue nor do they take enough time off and have as good of a life as they truly desire. My Love Yourself Successful book is all about embracing your worth, pricing strategies, tips to love yourself more and get rid of toxic people in your life too!

The Jumpstart Your _____ books is a series of compilation books with all kinds of stories and tips on how to jumpstart many areas of your life, business, health, wealth and so much more – buy one or many – enjoy!


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