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by Michelle Nedelec

Michelle Nedelec realizes how important it is to have a smooth-running, consistently profitable business doing what you love and that’s what I help you do!

Michelle and I talked about which of my online trainings would be ideal for her community the most… and this package is what we came up with to give you a jumpstart. These trainings are 3 of the most important that most entrepreneurs really need more support with so I hope you take advantage of this savings today and give them a try!


1) Pricing for Profits Training

Without confidence in your pricing or clear ways to charge more, you’ll be spinning your wheels.

So many clients always ask me “what should I charge” for this or that program/offering, etc. And so many of them start out with the WRONG PRICING! Don’t do this just because you’re new, or because you can’t see what’s possible, or you aren’t sure what people will pay…

In this work at your own pace training you will learn:

  • The 5 types of offerings you want to have
  • How to ‘crunch the numbers’ so you can truly see the real value
  • How to sell high end programs, retreats, masterminds, and more 
  • When to offer what to which type of prospect, audience, group, etc.

2) Attracting Clients Masterclass

Stop throwing darts at random marketing strategies – you’re wasting time and money!

So many clients always ask me “where do I go to get clients”? Times have definitely changed and if you haven’t changed with it or with what YOU’RE doing then you’re probably missing out on a lot of opportunities to gain clients. 

In this work at your own pace training you’ll learn:

  • How to get more of your prospect’s attention 
  • The 3 Types of Marketing that every business should do
  • How to know what to STOP DOING most importantly 
  • How to automate a LOT of what you’re doing in better, more efficient systems, more affordably than others might be suggesting. 

3) Delegating for Freedom

BRAND NEW Training Where I share strategies and tips that I teach at my live and virtual events

It’s a very detailed how-to training and can help anyone in any business. Plus you get my “Delegating eBook and Checklist: 43 Tasks You May Currently Be Doing That You Can DELEGATE to a Virtual Assistant or Other Contractor to Free Up YOUR Time PLUS How to GET Started too!”

In this work at your own pace training you will learn:

  • Where to find your first VA 
  • How to grow your team efficiently and affordably
  • How to start delegating with ease so stuff gets done and it’s worth your investment
  • How to develop your delegating task list
  • Tips for managing and training your team that take less time and effort

4)BONUS 1on1 COACHING CALL with ME too! ($500 value)

Why not, what have you got to lose? Nothing… Come share where YOU want to be and what you want to create for your life and your business and I’ll bet I find 3-10 things you can tweak instantly and without any expense to get you on your way there on this one call that’s no charge to you!  Why? Because I care.

These trainings and this call with me are for ANY business owner or entrepreneur who wants to learn how to run a consistent money-making business without killing yourself. I’ve worked with entrepreneurs for over 22 years and I know how to show you how to start, grow and scale your business the most affordable way possible! Sign up to get access to these trainings now – implement these then come back for others!

It’s time to finally take charge of your life and design the business of your dreams!

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About Katrina

Katrina Sawa is known as the JumpStart Your Biz Coach because she literally kicks her clients and their businesses into high gear, online & offline, and fast. Katrina is the creator of the JumpStart Your Marketing® & Sales System, JumpStart Your Business in 90 Days System, Jumpstart Yourself as a Speaker System. She is an author of or in sixteen books including; Love Yourself Successful, Power and Soul with Ali Brown, Entrepreneur Success Stories with Loral Langemeier, The 40/40 Rules – Wisdom from 40 Women Over 40, Success Rituals 2.0 with a variety of other online marketers and Katrina’s series of anthology books, Jumpstart Your _______ Vol I, II, III, and IV.

Katrina helps entrepreneurs make more money doing what they love. She has been featured on the Oprah and Friends XMRadioNetwork, ABC and TheCW and she was awarded the National Collaborator of the Year Award by the Public Speakers Association and a 2-time Nominee for the Wise Woman Award by the National Association of Women Business Owners. She speaks to groups of all sizes, holds live training events annually and she’s the founder of the International Speaker Network.

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