Call for Speakers Open NOW through July 1st or Until Sold Out

International Speakers Conference 2022

The ONE Go-To Conference for Everything Speaking

This conference is for ASPIRING Speakers, SEASONED Speakers and Professionals Who SERVE Speakers

Get Speaking – Get Booked – Get Known – Get Paid

Please Feel Free to Apply to Speak IF You Have a Talk Geared in at Least One of the 3 Main Areas this Conference is Focused On. (See below form for big list of possible topics.)

Watch Katrina’s video for speakers –>>

(keep in mind all speakers will have a solo speaking slot)

Here is what you need to know:

Please read the main event webpage for more information about those 3 areas, who will be in attendance to ensure your talk and programs are a good fit. Basically if you serve speakers then this will be your ideal audience.

There are 21 Speaker spots, all speakers will speak to the main room, all attendees on the main stage. 3 speaker topic types we are looking for are: 1) The Business of Speaking, 2) Speaking Skills, and 3) Speaker Resources.

Speakers have a total of 45 minutes to present a virtual presentation. Speakers are NOT required to attend the entire conference but we do ask that you consider spending at least the whole day that YOU are speaking not only to maximize your connections and leads but also to support other speakers. We do HIGHLY RECOMMEND you show up the whole time however for best engagement, opportunities, exposure and conversion. There will be many networking opportunities, breakout sessions to meet and engage with attendees, share what you do beyond just your presentation.

Keynote Speaker Fee is $1,000 which includes (half due at the time of application):

  • Your 45 min presentation, solo speaking slot, where you can make an offer up to $300. No one will be speaking against you, all sessions will be held in the main conference virtual room.
  • The entire registration list from this virtual event (This could be thousands of people, regardless it’s worth a lot of money!) will be given to you in an electronic format and all attendees will be informed that every speaker will have their name, email and phone number. (Option of paying only $750 and NOT receiving the registration list – check the option you choose on the application.)
  • A vendor booth/room the whole time during the conference (which runs 8 am to 7 pm Aug 1-3, 2022 Pacific Time). You may assign a staff or team member to work your booth/page and/or automate your virtual booth with videos, downloads, etc. and we will be sharing how to do that prior to the conference on speaker prep calls.
  • 2 free conference tickets total which include swag boxes mailed to each attendees’ home. In addition to that, speakers may buy additional conference tickets for $75 each for clients, friends, etc. if you wish, those include swag boxes mailed also.
  • Raw Video file of the recording of your entire presentation that you can use however you like.
  • Recordings of the entire conference and all sessions.
  • The opportunity to add something into the conference swag boxes with no additional fee (you supply the items however, could be hundreds of registrants but could be very lucrative depending on what you provide)
  • The opportunity to share what you do, and/or give tips and freebies in up to 3 pre-conference calls on zoom with attendees.

All speaker applications are subject to approval by the conference committee. Speakers will be required to submit a $500 speaker deposit when you submit your speaker application. The speaker fee will be refunded to you if you are not chosen to speak. The remainder of your $750 or $1,000 speaker fee will be due by no later than June 30th.

All speakers will be highly promoted by the conference website, emails, social media to the tune of over 50,000 entrepreneurs and speakers. If this feels like a good fit for you, then we would love to hear what topic or topics you would like to speak on! See below the form for a big list of possible speaker topics we’d like to see.


If you have any questions, contact Katrina Sawa with the Int’l Speaker Network at 916-872-4000 or

Possible Speaking Topics by Track

(or submit yours if different but still applies!)

Behind the Scenes Preparation
Follow-Up after Speaking Events
Negotiation of Getting Booked / Other
Engaging a Sales Team
Irresistible Offers & Pricing of Programs
Exhibitor Booth Strategy / Exhibiting
Being Paid to Speak
Hosting Your Own Events
Marketing / Social Media – possible panel
Perfecting Your 60 Second Intro
Starting Your Own Podcast
Pitching Corporate
Time Management


Body Language / NLP Techniques
Confidence / Presence
Styling / Image
Specifics for Guesting on Podcast/Radio
Interview Skills when a Guest
Mindset to Become a Powerful Speaker
Using Visuals / PowerPoint
Engagement Strategies
Video Tips
Selling from Stage
Building Community
Authenticity / Connecting with Audience
Virtual Presentation Style
Zoom Room Setup


Publishers / Publishing
Book Writing / Book Coaches
Publicity / Publicist
Getting Booked Resources
Speaker VA / Team Building
Online Course Development & Launches
Speaker Reel / Video Production
Technology / Websites / CRM / Cart
YouTube/FB Lives/Instagram Reels
Speaker Associations & Networks – PANEL
Photographers / Lifestyle Photo Shoots
Build your own AV studios