International Speakers Conference 2022

The ONE Go-To Conference for Everything Speaking

This conference is for ASPIRING Speakers, SEASONED Speakers and Professionals Who SERVE Speakers

Get Speaking – Get Booked – Get Known – Get Paid

This event will provide resources, training and high-level skill sets for speakers of all kinds:

        • Paid keynote speakers

        • Speak to sell speakers

        • Speakers who speak for free for lead generation

Speaking is the FASTEST path to CASH as you may already be aware.

Moreover, when you decide to attend, you will network, connect and build Joint Venture Relationships with hundreds of other industry-related professionals which will help you build and grow your business, as a result.








The International Speakers Conference 2022 Focuses on 4 Areas:

There will be 30+ online vendors and sponsors who support speakers in many ways, including speaker organizations, online speaker directories, speaker resources, podcasters who are looking for guests and event producers looking for speakers! (Scroll down for speaker/sponsor/vendor opportunities.)

The Business of Speaking

Firstly, seasoned speakers know that you have to build your speaking business just like any other business – with the right plan, strategies, marketing, follow-up and sales. For those who are newer to speaking, we will have trainers and professionals here who can teach you everything you need to know to use speaking as a marketing strategy to get clients and/or a business model to get paid and everything in between, such as websites, sales, materials, presentations, positioning, hosting events, and podcasting.

Speaker Skills

Secondly, being an effective speaker, where you either get paid to speak or you earn the trust of your audience enough for them to want to hire you or buy your products and services, requires many skills. This conference will provide a wide array of training to learn those varied skills such as: body language, stage presence, storytelling, presentation, engagement, making offers, authenticity and much more. Come hone your skills as a speaker so you are more visible, you get booked more often and by referral.

Speaker Resources

Thirdly, knowing how to find the right people to support you in growing the speaking side of your business is essential. From Virtual Assistants to Website Designers to Photographers, Videographers, Image Consultants, Course Creation Experts or Software, Speaker Organizations and Certification Programs… this conference will have everything you could need all in one place. You will find the people and resources you need to grow and profit consistently.

Getting Booked

Fourthly, and most importantly, the #1 goal of any speaker is to get booked more often and consistently. There will be dozens if not a hundred or so show hosts, podcast hosts and event producers at this conference. It will be easy to find those who are booking speakers or show guests by designation on their vendor booth or name badge. Plus, we will have expert speakers, trainers, publicity experts, and associations sharing ways and places to get booked more often, even if you did it all yourself.

Frequently asked questions

Here are a few answers to our most common questions


This is for anyone – business owner or career professional – who understands that speaking is a very intregal part of what they do. You realize that you need to learn how to be a more effective speaker either to influence and lead others in your company or you need to be a bigger influencer in order to gain clients as a business owner. 

Whether you want to speak to the consumer, other business owners, associations, schools, or corporations, this event will help you in many different areas: honing your skills, presentations, offers, follow up, getting booked more often, and you’ll meet hundreds of individuals doing the same things. 


Current speakers, those who want to become speakers – whether keynotes, paid speakers, corporate trainers, entrepreneurs using speaking to grow your business, podcasters, authors and those who serve or have resources for all of those people will be in atendance.

We anticipate no less than 600 registrants, with up to 30 speakers and trainers, 30+ vendors and more! Most likely it will be about half men and women in the speaking industry.

Partners for the event include all the major speaker associations, online speaker directories, trainers and more. Scroll down for their logos and info!


Most current speakers know that speaking leads to more revenue and success. Showing up at conferences like this, whether virtually or in person, it gets you visible. So whether you are well-known in the speaking industry or WANT to be well-known, you want to be here. Showing up and either speaking, becoming a vendor or just networking in a place like this can give you more credibility, influence, exposure and opportunities for yourself and your busines or career. 

And this event, although virtual, will be VERY interactive. We are engaging a very high-touch platform so attendees can really network, talk with vendors and speakers, private message people and more. 


For all general attendees, vendors and speakers or sponsors you will receive a digital program upon registration with a list of all the speakers, sponsors, vendors, and agenda. There will be PRIZES every day throughout each day for those who are PRESENT. 

Everyone will also receive an amazing Swag Box mailed to you within 2 weeks prior to the conference, filled with freebies and gifts from many of the speakers, sponsors and vendors. This Swag Box alone is worth the price of admission!

There will be fun contests inside the event dashboard all days of the event plus pre-conference zoom calls for added networking ahead of time. Dates for those calls will be announced soon but a minimum of 3 will happen between June 15-Aug 1 so make sure you get your ticket EARLY!

Everyone is a VIP so everyone will receive the swag AND the RECORDINGS OF ALL SESSIONS within 1 week of the conference. Those links will be made available to you.

Plus a post-conference call with Katrina Sawa, the host of the event, and Founder of the Int’l Speaker Network. That call is designed to give all attendees clear direction as to HOW TO APPLY everything you’ve learned at the conference, what to DO “in order of importance” based on your goals and more! Dates for that to come as well… Register today!


We anticipate no less than 600 in attendance however there could be thousands of registrants with a virtual international event like this! With up to 30 speakers and trainers, 30+ vendors and more! Most likely it will be about half men and women in the speaking industry.


We are bringing in all types of speaker bookers, bureaus, directories, speaker organizations, radio show hosts and podcasters that are looking to book speakers and will be ready to do so on the spot. You want to bring your A-Game, show up to impress and remember that first impressions are critical.

In the evening session of Day 1 we will have a special session for those looking for speaking gigs to learn how to apply to dozens of stages and more.

In the evening session of Day 2 we will have a special session for authors who want to learn how to publish and promote their books. Plus those who HAVE books who are looking to SELL them or get booked on their book topic.


This conference IS a virtual event happening on a virtual event platform, so while it will not be “streaming” to any social media site, any paid registrant can attend from anywhere. Speakers have been virtual for over 2 years now and virtual events are so easy to attend, speak on and participate in. Take advantage of learning and networking at this event if you need to speak at all to grow your business.

This conference will be recorded as well, all sessions. All attendees, sponsors and speakers will have full access to all recordings.


If you’re a business owner or entrepreneur – new or seasoned, then you know that speaking leads to more clients! Getting in front of your ideal clients in an audience, one to many, is a very leveraged way to build your business and your revenue. However, many speakers do NOT monetize their speaking opportunities well if at all because they don’t have the training to do so. Honing your skills as an effective speaker, making offers from stage or in the follow up, getting paid to speak too – those are all things you want to be constantly working on improving.

If you’re speaking in your career, then you know to be a better leader, boss, or executive, you want to also be more effective at leading your teams, company or influencing others. 

If you just want to become an inspirational speaker or want to speak to share the concepts of your book, that’s great, but you’ll need to learn these skills as well. 

Besides, getting to know others and collaborating with other speakers and those in the industry, will be instrumental to you finding more opportunites for yourself.

International Speakers Conference 2022

24 Main Stage Speakers

International Speakers Conference 2022

Event Schedule (Subject to Change)

Come in early and stay late to take advantage of every amazing resource, connection & skill you will be experiencing!

EVENT BEGINS… (All times in PST)

7:00 – 8:00 am – Registration (in a virtual zoom room)
8:00 – Noon – Main Stage Sessions, Networking & Speakers
Noon – 1:00 pm – Main Stage Speed Networking, Prizes & More
1:00 – 6:00 pm – Main Stage Sessions, Networking & Speakers

6:00 – 7:00 pm – Main Stage Podcast & Stage Booking session

MAINSTAGE – (All times in PST)

7:00 – 8:00 am – Registration (in a virtual zoom room)
8:00 – Noon – Main Stage Sessions, Networking & Speakers
Noon – 1:00 pm – Main Stage Speed Networking, Prizes & More
1:00 – 6:00 pm – Main Stage Sessions, Networking & Speakers

6:00 – 7:00 pm – Main Stage Book Publishing, Publicity & Promotion Session

MAINSTAGE – (All times in PST)

7:00 – 8:00 am – Registration (in a virtual zoom room)
8:00 – Noon – Main Stage Sessions, Networking & Speakers
Noon – 1:00 pm – Main Stage Speed Networking, Prizes & More
1:00 – 6:00 pm – Main Stage Sessions, Networking & Speakers

6:00 – 7:00 pm – Main Stage Networking, Prizes & Conference Wrap Up

International Speakers Conference 2022

Registration, Vendors & Sponsorships

If you are an experienced speaker who has a skill, presentation technique, training or resource for speakers we are seeking all of those types of speakers. We have 3 types of topics we are looking for speakers on: The Business of Speaking, Speaking Skills, and Speaker Resources. Please make sure your talk fits into one of those categories and click to apply below. There is a big list of topic ideas on the call for speakers page. We WILL NOT take duplicate topic speakers so you must apply ASAP to secure the topic YOU want to speak on!

If you serve speakers in any way, you want to consider becoming a vendor. Virtual vendor booths/pages are included with all speaking opportunities so apply to speak first, if not chosen, then you can invest in a vendor spot. Vendor booths/pages will be virtual. It’s recommended that all vendors record a unique short video introduction specific to the attendees of this conference. Talk about things that your prospects are looking for and how you can help them. Tell them what EXACTLY you want them to do after watching your video, what should they optin for or click over to watch, etc.? 

Attendees – REGISTER TODAY! Reserve your spot now – make sure you don’t miss out on any of the FREE pre-conference calls on zoom!

Apply to Speak

Click the button below to find out how you can receive more visibility, engagement and even make offers at this conference! All speakers receive complimentary vendor booth/page, opportunity to donate in the swag and get your presentation recording.


Including AMAZING SWAG Box!

Early Bird Pricing Only


Become a Vendor

See what opportunities are available to exhibit your goods and services to our audience or sponsor parts of the event, swag box, etc.

No Refunds on Event Tickets but you may TRANSFER your ticket to another attendee anytime leading up to the conference. Vendor, Sponsor and Speaker Applications subject to Acceptance by Conference Team. If you have any questions, contact Katrina Sawa with the Int’l Speaker Network at 916-872-4000 or

The Venue: Online Platform

This event is being held virtually. Attend from anywhere in the world.









International Speakers Conference 2022 Partners

We want to thank the speaker organizations and resources who have joined our mission to help speakers build their dreams and share their messages on stages, big and small, in person and virtual, paid and free!

Use Code: GROW20 for 20% off 1st upgrade! Otherwise join for free!

International Speakers Conference 2022 Sponsors

No one makes it alone. We want to thank those who have joined our mission to help speakers build their dreams and share their messages on stages, big and small!