You’ve found a community who will support and guide you 100%!

You’ve found a community where you can BE YOURSELF, share your thoughts and expertise, showcase your value as well as receive huge value, advice and resources to grow your business.

Have you joined groups and group programs before but not gotten exactly what you needed? If so, the IEN is different…

  1. First of all it’s a month to month group for just $7/mo which makes it EASY to TRY OUT and see what you think. You can’t get this type of Entrepreneurial advice anywhere for just $84/year. 
  2. Secondly, it’s very interactive; you don’t just come to calls and “listen”, everyone who shows up gets to participate (if you want to). Everyone gets a HOT SEAT (if you want one). You just need to schedule in the calls every month into your calendar so you don’t forget about them (calls are at all different days and times to accommodate various time zones) and show up, it’s that simple. Whether you attend one call or more each month or even one call every quarter – you will get massive value!!
  3. Finally, we discuss a WIDE RANGE of topics regarding starting up, growing, marketing, and scaling your business. No topic is off limits, even personal stuff too as being an Entrepreneur requires you to wear many hats – a lot of which don’t fit at first! (Scroll down to see a massive list of types of topics we’ve covered and can cover no matter what industry you’re in or where you are in business, the IEN will help you get to the next level.) 

Here’s What’s Included:

Multiple Monthly Zoom Calls for Laser Coaching, Q&A, Masterminding, Hot Seats, Collaborating, Spot Training & Whatever Any Member Shows up and Needs!!

Calls held on Zoom, video platform, LIVE every month on various days and times up to 3 calls each month. You will find a call that works for you, we have early morning, noon and evening calls for the Pacific Time Zone so that people in almost any time zone can make at least one call each month if not more. You’ll get access to the call schedule as soon as you enroll. As the membership grows we will extend the length of calls and/or schedule more calls to accommodate the growth.

“Example Monthly Call Schedule” is:
Mon, 8 am PST
Tues, 5 pm PST
Thur, Noon PST
*Days of the week change but there is usually an early, midday and evening call every single month.

Private Facebook Group for Connecting, Sharing Challenges, Getting Feedback on your Marketing Materials, Launches, Logos, Ideas and so much more!

Opportunities to Promote Your Business, Be a Guest on Facebook Lives, Share Your Expertise, Be Seen as an Expert in Your Industry and more!

Special Discount Pricing for Live Events and Trainings

Watch the video for more insight on how and why this community exists and how YOU can BENEFIT and bring your value to the masses!

JOIN TODAY for $7/month!


 And all that for just a CRAZY LOW investment of $7 copy/month (only $84 for the year) for the FIRST 200 founding members who join! (It will increase after that to $27/mo and Founding Members will be grandfathered in.)

Become a Founding Member of the IEN today!