Bonus Book & Biz Coaching Call

Congratulations for Becoming a VIP at the Course Creation Summit! You Get to have a Laser Coaching Call with ME, Katrina Sawa, The Jumpstart Your Biz Coach & CEO of this website, plus I am also the CEO of

And while this VIP BONUS call was designed to be around publishing, writing and finishing your book, Amazon launches or anything to do with all of that, I can literally talk with you about any of that plus anything business as well since I’ve been working with thousands of entrepreneurs since 2002, I know a lot about a lot.

Either way, this call is designed to JUMPSTART you and your business or book RIGHT NOW!

You really don’t need to prepare for this call but knowing a little more about your business and/or your book can help me get to the heart of what’s going on pretty quickly.

So please simply fill out this form below; what you do and what you think your current challenges are and give more background information too if you can so she can be of better service. After you submit this questionnaire, you will be sent to my scheduling link to schedule your call. Thank you!

We keep all information confidential. After you submit your questionnaire, you will be sent to my online scheduler.