3 Ways To Increase Your Sales… TODAY

By Katrina Sawa, CEO of JumpstartYourBizNow.com

SALES is a very important aspect of running and growing a small business, is it not?

If you didn’t grow up doing sales like I did, or even if you didn’t do it in a previous job, you must admit, it’s mission critical to master SALES to even be somewhat successful in your own business, much less SUPER successful!?


Whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert…

Whether you’re experienced or not…

Whether you believe whatever you’re selling is worth it or worth more or not…

You have to continue honing your skills and gaining new ideas about how to sell more effectively, authentically, and successfully.


Top 3 Ways to Sell More

1. Raise your rates—yes, decide to do this right now. On the call today, in fact, one of the gals who sells coaching decided on the spot to increase her 6-month 1on1 program from $3,000 to $5,000! She just gave herself a $2,000 raise! How? Because I told her what her time was really worth and what others who did what she did were charging, and she believed it and realized it (on the spot).

2. Create a new offeringAnother gal on the call was only selling a $9 video training, a $12 ebook, and a $200 group program…. but her goal (after a little coaxing and inquiring) was really to make $10,000/month! Even without the lower-end offerings, she’d have to sell 50 people every single month into that $200 program to make $10K/mo if that was all she was offering. I suggested that I knew there was something else she could create that would feed her creativity like the other offering did, where she could make $1,000 or more per sale. We just had to brainstorm to figure out what that was or what other things she could do/sell! But plugging along with what she was selling and doing wasn’t working, no one was buying…. she really needed to change directions all together. (I thought) If you can’t see what else you could do or sell, you want to come speak with me 1on1! I did a 90-minute brainstorming call with another client once and gave her eight solid ideas to generate revenue based on what she loved.

3. Do MORE follow-up – of course, you want to do more lead generation in the first place, but too many rely on social media posts and webpages to sell people; still, in this very busy and diluted marketplace… instead, you need to take charge of the follow-up and reach out to people who you’re connected to, via email, private message on social, the phone, text (if they’ve agreed to get your texts), and yes, even direct mail. I’m getting ready to mail thank you cards to everyone at my event last week! The little things make you memorable and at the top of your mind. Know that everyone who is interested in your products/services also has about a dozen other things they’re considering buying, I’m sure… hardly anyone follows up very well these days… YOU need to be THE ONE who does a fantastic job at it. Be assertive when reaching out and following up, and you’ll see better results!

I’m also going to share the resources that I have that can help you with this!


It’s my Jumpstart Your Sales Training – It was recorded live with a good variety of business owners previously…who asked lots of questions same as you probably have around sales. When it was live it was $397 to join but because it’s now a DIY training, you can get access to the three 90-min training calls, the three cheat sheet call scripts, tools and resources guide and zoom call checklist for more leads… all for just $97!


And you know, call #3 is the best because I literally talk through what to say for every single objection and concern your prospects have!! 90-min of talking through how to navigate all of them, so you never have to leave a call wondering how you could have saved that sale. You will want to listen to that ONE call over and over again, trust me!


You can read more about the Jumpstart Your Sales Training here…

But I want to sweeten the pot a bit too… when you buy this training before the month of MARCH ends, I will GIFT you another $27-97 training from my trainings page here absolutely FREE!! SPECIAL BOGO SALE just for you because I know how important honing your skills around sales is and I know this will help you make more sales more consistently!!

You can pick up the Jumpstart Your Marketing or Jumpstart Your Networking or another training for free. Just email me after you buy the first one with whichever one you want as your bonus free gift.



1. Jumpstart Your Sales and Systems Bootcamp

I’m starting a NEW 5-month coaching program for entrepreneurs to dial in your systems for lead generation, marketing, follow up and sales. Plus, come get advice on how to implement effective technology and website strategies to bring in more clients consistently.

2. 3-Day Mastermind Retreats in 2024

I’m hosting 3-Day Mastermind Retreats in 2024 that anyone can be a part of. These are for the entrepreneur who wants to know what to do and how to get to their next level in business – from start up to growth stages, to scaling your business. All topics will be covered!

Katrina Sawa

Let’s make this YOUR BEST YEAR ever!

I know how to show you how to tweak what you’re doing to get really BIG RESULTS in the next year! Book a 1on1 clarity session with me here now! Here’s to creating and enjoying a life full of lots of Love & Money!

Katrina Sawa, The Jumpstart Your Biz Coach

One of Katrina’s strengths is that she has the systems you need to automate your business with ease. From sales scripts, to social media marketing plans, to email marketing guides, she has it all figured out for you.

Jennifer Darling

Positively Successful Sales Coach, Darling Coaching

When COVID hit, I was unexpectedly furloughed from two jobs and thrust into a position of uncertainty.  I met Katrina and knew, immediately, she was the one to help me launch the business I’ve always wanted.  As a Doctorally prepared Nurse Practitioner, I have wanted a business on my own for many years yet unsure where to start.  Katrina has helped guide me from day one!  In four short months, I went from a panic state of, “I’m not working!” to effectively running my own business and generating nearly $5,000 in just one month! Katrina helped me discover my true value and has encouraged me to charge an hourly rate which is definitely what I am worth–which is much higher than being an employee.  Her work has guided me to grow a business very quickly from simply an idea to reality. If you are considering starting a business or looking to take yours to the next level, jump now!  Katrina is the one to jump start your business!  She truly is a gift and is one of the best business decisions I have ever made!

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